How to make UFC more popular

There are many ways UFC can become more popular

1. Confetti after the main event winner is announced. They did it in Pride because it looks cool and makes it seem like a celebration.

2. Have music on The Ultimate Fighter. Some tv shows have used this technique to get the viewer more involved/interested in the show because it works.

3. Create a date for an annual UFC Hall of Fame and have a voting panel pick the top 3-5 fighters every year for entry. Let's face it; some fighters deserve to be in the Hall but aren't for whatever reason.

4. More charities and community service. All major sports have their stars being shown as positive influences in their communities, such as Shaq painting a house, NFL rookies going to cancer patient's hospitals, et cetera. What has the UFC done in this department???

5. Sign Fedor already.

What else am I missing???