How to perform duckunder?

I posted this in the judo forum, but how do I perform the duckunder correctly? Tie up, head positioning, knee touch, etc?

ducks are an great, low risk takedown, and you can use them from almost anywhere. The key on them is to get his weight coming towards you, slightly elevate an arm, lower your level (you only need enough level change to get under.. 2") and then finish by changing angles. more complex description on my lunch break..

There are LOTS of different ways to hit a duckunder.

Here's a "vanilla" duckunder:

You have inside ties (your arms are between his arms, your hands on his biceps), you do a quick tug to try to touch his elbows together - this makes him react by pulling his arms/elbows back out.

When he does this, you drop your level and penetrate with an outside step (reference 'Basic 8 - Knee dip' in archives). Keep your head up! When you are at the low point of your level change, pull his arms past you and overtop of you - like you want him to lean over your back. Continue your motion forward and into him, coming back up with your head behind his armpit.

That's a very basic duck. Your knee may or may not have touched down to the ground when you performed the duck - it all depends really. As far as how to finish, there are a lot of possibilities. The ideal situation is that his momentum just keeps him going forward and he goes down and you simply cover on top for the finish. You can just pop your hips to lift and bring him down to the mat, you can lift into a turk, you can trip him forward or to the side. If he's defending well, you many end up dropping down to a leg once you are behind him and finish from there too.

Other variations...

The man is pressuring into you. As he closes and reaches for you, grab his tricep/cup his elbow and slide it past your face, follow through with the motion so that your whole arm windmills backwards (sort of like fast-pitch softball - wind up and wheel your arm hard in a circle). Again, penetrate with an outside step/knee dip.

From an underhook: torque your hips hard to the side you want to duck to, and wheel your arm (similar to above) and outside step to get your head behind his armpit.

Duck as a re-shot (or off a fake shot): Say you take a shot toward his left leg (or just fake that way). He starts to sprawl that left leg back, which momentarily immobilizes him - quickly change-off to a duck on the opposite side. This ends up basically looking like a standing peek-out (if you know what a peek-out is).

Again, there are tons of ways to hit a duck. Also, keep in mind that a duck under is basically a type of penetration - it gets you behind the guy and past his arms. It's not a finish. Once you are there, you have to figure out how you want to bring him down to the mat.

Was that helpful, or just confusing?

Heres three ways you can do the "duckuner"

Wow, I really appreciate it. Chip, that was really, really helpful.

Would still love to hear Todd's description as well.

CHip is 100% correct. i tried to explain it w/ a gi on in the Judo forum, but it's quite hard when they have their grips..

No prob, bud. I would also encourage you to check out the links that GrapplerHK put up as well - has a lot of good stuff on it.

I'd also like to hear Todd's take on it too. Let's go Todd - get the lead outta yer ass!

todd has these great little MPEGS.........maybe he'll post a couple.

A duckunder from a 2 on 1A "peek out" style duckundera very good shot of a nearside duckunder.. notice the forward movement he gets his opponent to make.An open position works due to the setup on the faked leg attack to the left leg.

Awesome clips, are these random examples you have found or is there a website somewhere with these clips and techniques explained with the visual aid of the clips?

tryanglechoke - Coaches Corner

I like throw bys a lot better.

there are about 2000 ways to perform a duckunder..using every window possible