How to piss off Pro Choicers

There are only 75 million children in the US. You have to use your head along with your google-fu. Come the fuck on.

You support people starving to death you savage!

Not sure what this has to do with infants. The foster care system has been a swamp of scumbags and grifters for a long time. I know families with 8 or 9 foster kids and a chain on their refrigerator, and the money they get form the govt is their only income. Nobody wants a fucked up kid, and thats who is in the foster system. Infants are never available and not fucked up yet, and they will all be wanted.

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Find micro organism in dirt on Mars= life found on Mars

But a developing human in a womb, on earth=just clump of cells or matter

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Let’s be honest, if you say to a liberal you don’t fully support abortion on the very last day of pregnancy you will get REEEEEE’d on.

These people have been programmed so efficiently that they literally don’t even think about their positions. They just hold onto whatever position they’re told is the compassionate one - even when it includes murdering your own child - who you’re supposed to protect with everything you have for your own convivence. I can’t think of anything more evil/selfish than that.

Social engineering at it’s best.


You’re confusing life with the legal term. Also, just because it’s growing in a womb doesn’t mean it’s viable. Up to a certain point, without lots of medical intervention, it will not survive outside the womb.

Anyone who thinks it’s ok to kill babies should have been aborted.

Except, they’re not babies yet.

You can get arrested for kicking a goose or destroying an eagle’s egg, but its ok to chop up a human in the womb and throw it in the garbage. We will DEFINITELY look back on abortion as a horrifying and barbaric practice, and those who support it as psychopaths.