How to play 7 card stud?

This seems like a really great game to learn to keep your powers of observation and calculation sharp... anyone have any advice/resources on how to learn?

the players from my room say it takes more skill than holdem

but it seems to be a dying game(literally as all the players i know are 60+)

any poker site that spreads it will have instructions. you can play free hands to get an idea

when we opened up a little over a year ago we had at least one game a night, but now we haven't spread one in about 2 months.

I know how to play, I just need to know how to play
well... Maybe just practice...

stud is a complex game but not as comples as holdem.
unlike holdem, stud requires a great memory for all the cards that have been mucked. if you need a 5 to complete a straight, for example , and 3 guys have already mucked 5's, you know that there is only one left in the deck - bad odds. if you don't pay attention to the other players' exposed cards or fail to remember what they were, you will make some pretty bad moves.

the major difference is that there are no community cards in stud and therefor SOMETIMES it can be pretty easy to see by the exposed cards of the other players if you are beat or not. in holdem, which is really a variation of stud played with community cards, there is an ABSOLUTE NUTS for every board. No matter how good your hand is, if its not the nuts for the board you can be beat( your Aces full of Kings if you hold AK can be beat by 4 ACE's; you ACE high flush can be busted by a straight flush and so on) - which is holdem is such an exciting complex game (especially when played no limit) and lends itself to bluffing so well.

if you want to be good at stud, make sure to usually only play good starting hands and most importantly, develope you memory.


Actually I was hoping to play it in order to develop
memory, not the other way around. I figure any game
that makes me think about cards and remember hands
will improve my overall poker play.