How to prepare balloon knot for grazing?

Give me the goods OG. How do you prepare the shit box when you know ol mamasan is going to suck the sphincter? Shaving is a given. I'm thinking about getting out my 12v Dewalt and putting a buffer bit on it to get the ol dirt hole sparkling..... Give me some advice.

Make sure you scrub with a wash cloth. Don't be afraid to poke up a little into the hole. Actually, this is a must.

Squat in the shower and do it. It's the easiest way. Also help open up the hole a little so you can clean better.

Give it a bath in acid, It should clean it good enough.


Jack Carter -

That's not beyond me..... If anyone here was been to whisper alley in Okinawa.... You know

Jack Carter -


It's an all day affair. 

Wake up, no shower. 

2 strong cups of coffee. 

A hard day of manual labor.

McDonald's for lunch. 

Mexican for dinner. 

3+ bud lights. 

That lalways does the trick. 

Jack Carter - 

She felt the Hiroshima sting, let her tongue your O ring?