How to Prepare for Comp. IMO

Let say your getting ready for a comp. 4 to 6 weeks a away.

IMO the way you go about it is you work on getting yourself in the best position to win. In bjj its obviously very literal.

For example if you know that your best shot to get a sub is from the top position well you want to work on getting the top position. Which would include TDs passing and control from the top. Almost to the exclusion of all other things except escapes.

I look at it like a football team that is good at running the ball. What are they going to do during the game run the ball of coarse.

The reason for the thread is I have found alot of disagreement from people on this. They seem to prepare with no apparent aim whatsoever in their training which I believe is a huge mistake.

Am I crazy or what?

Probably not a bad idea.

I typically work on my bottom game, specifically escapes from side and mount. That way if I'm losing, and I'm on bottom, I feel like I can at least do something to get away and start to attack. But this shouldn't be done at the expense of working your top game either.

About 3-4 weeks out I don't bring any "new" material into my game. Work what I know best and focus on escapes. But that is what I do, and I'm no ADCC champ either!!!

Good luck!

Thats my plan for the Worlds. I followed the exact same plan for the Pan Ams and got second in my division. Since then i have worked on what cost me first place.

Which was I had a hard time dealing with a someone who passed standing with good posture and lots of pressure.

Hey Bryan, which plan are you talking about? Artesuave's?

If so maybe I should change mine up!!


Yeah its Artesuave's plan that i agree with.

The last month or so of training that is exactly what i did in class. I worked on what I was best at. My strategy was simple.

It was to get to guard as quickly as i could. Break my opponent down and armbar or triangle them. It was my best opportunity to win almost to the exclusion of anything else.

I also believe that there is a side benefit to training that way. Every one of my training partners new exactly what i was going to do when i rolled with them. It gave me confidence in my technique that if i could still catch guys with submissions who knew what was coming then someone who didnt know was at extreme disadvantage.

Since then I have worked on my weaknesses such as improving my top game and defending the standing pass.

But by mid July I will focus exclusively on my A-game.

getting in shape and utilizing attributes.

i'm serious... assuming your technique is good, focus on things that will make you very explosive and push the pace...

i don't like the guard that much so i rely on fact i'll usuallyget takedown from a clinch w/ greco or judo and work top game point racking and then sub game...

if i'm up against better standup guy, i'll do like monson did w/ Hinkle and pull half guard to immediate reversal, if i can.

To me you work on your technique and weaknesses when you are not getting ready for a competition that's what that time is for.

You are not all of sudden get really good at what you are the most weak at in 4 to 6 weeks and also expect it to work in competition.

I think that people still do not approach bjj like any other sport IMHO.