How to put on chest muscle?

I go to the gym mostly to supplement my MMA training.

Usually I do 30-40 minutes of cardio then about 40-60 minutes of weights, I don't use the free weights just the machines.

I would normally use:

Chest Press, Chest Incline, Tricep, Shoulder Press, Bicep Curl, Lat Pulldown and Leg Press.  I'm not sure if those are all the correct names, they all just involve pulling weights attached to wires.

What sort of sets/repetitions should I be doing to possibly increase size?  I'm not very big (76kg) but have noticed my shoulders and arms becoming more muscular but not my chest at all.  It's my chest that gets crushed when training BJJ.  I need to add some size.

Also, what food is ideal when I arrive home after working out?

I was told that I cannot do anymore cardio as it will counter my weights by burning too much calories.

I know very little on the subject overall - just looking for general advice.

Thanks in advance for your help.

I took 3 weeks off from lifting wieghts and did a crap load of pushups every other day. Diamond pushups, wide grip pushups, and normal pushups. sets of 20. Then I would give it a rest and do explosive pushups as hard and as fast as I could. Off the bat I couldnt do it, but built up to it.

Then situps,

Then I did a lot of chinups after my pushup work. Once a week I fit in deadlifts, and another day squats.

I then took a week off of everything, and started on dumbell incline press, dumbell flat press then dumbell flies 3 sets of 8 every 5 days, and did my usuall bodybuilding routine on other days.

After your workout eat a wiegh protine isolate mixed with a little honey for simple suger, Ive noticed a huge difference. Optimal whey at .. Use water as a base. Milk will slow down the digestion of the protiens.

Before you go to bed eat cottage cheese for long lasting protien digestion, and when you wake up drink a protien shake the same optimal whey stuff

It worked for me. Great strength gains and endurance. Sometimes you need to switch things up or your body gets bored.

get on the free weights. Try bench press and variations with a bar and with dumbells. Not too many different excercises per workout. Once you have the technique down, lift heavy with low reps.

Dips are another good one start with bodyweight then add weight.

As for nutrition, you need protein (whey not caesin) and high GI carbs (the type you normally avoid) during and after excercise.

Make sure you are getting enough rest. Your muscles grow between excercise sessions, not during!

TUF noob

"it's my chest that gets crushed when training BJJ. I need to add some size."

Or practice your escapes... you sound like the guys that do curls to avoid the armbar....

Respect, what are you saying? You mean to say the 15 different types of concentration curls that I am doing don't help my armbar escapes?

I'm just bitter because I'm skinny. However I never feel the need to get a larger chest to avoid being crushed.

if you trying to work on ur chest you basicly need to burnout all of you muscles of your chest a good way to that is to use as little momentum as possible and lift maybe 1 or twice a wk but not more than that or you could risk over training

repspect, I hear you there!

Whatever you do dont listen to shaolinzfinest's, I dont even know why he would post that gibberish.

Just work out like 3 times a week, make sure you work your whole body. Just throw in some extra chest exercises. Keep reps 6-10, keep it basic, I mean you dont sound advanced so this should work.

well, he's not 100% incorrect, Respect.... But, then, i wouldn't recommend it...

your focus is MMA, then stick to MMA type routines.

Socrates is correct. You ever wonder why Prisoners have those wide chest, its because they do alot of pushups and bodyweight squats. See some of those chest in the movie blood in blood out or American Me


Free weights are MUCH better for strength and every other athletic aspect of training.

Thanks for the help.

I'm gonna be getting ready for a Muay Thai fight hopefully in March so will mostly be doing cardio from now on but will try to fit in various press-ups.  Any links to diagrams of the various press-ups I should do?

Plus chicks dig a define mans chest, at least i have been told

ttt 4 GirthVader

If I'm doing the chest press and chest incline (four sets of 8-10 on each, using alternating grips) will this mix it up enough to help it look like I had some pecs?

Should I eat a protein bar after finishing my workout?

I do this Mon-Wed then Muay Thai Thu and MMA on Sat.

I'll be honest, I can escape most positions on the ground with ease and just want to look a bit more muscular. Once I'm a little more BLAF then I'll fight more often.