How to put on chest muscle?

"Should I eat a protein bar after finishing my workout?" -- The big thing now is to get a shake in ASAP after a workout, that or as my friend says chocolate milk.. I dont know about that though.

an important part of your recovery is to make sure you replace the glycogen to your muscles within 20 minutes after you workout. that window of time is when your body absorbs glycogen best.

chocolate milk is great for after a workout and some rank it up there with all the expensive shakes and supplements. i personally dont do well with milk since im lactose intolerant, but for starters, try drinking a good sports drink, eating a banana and have some bread and honey immediately after working out. will do wonders for your recovery time.

"Should I eat a protein bar after finishing my workout?"

You should eat both protein and carbs after a workout. It can be a shake or a regular meal.

I have a meal when I arrive home from training, but that's too long a wait. I've read it should be within 45 minutes max.

If I drink shakes designed for recovery would that provide both protein and carbs? Can someone please advise me what I should use so I can search online?

I don't want to get very big or anything, just make the most of the exercise I do. Seems wasted if I workout but then don't repair or recover properly, I won't gain strength or mass.


I have good success with Surge.

It has a 2:1 Carb:protein ratio.