How to rehydrate after weighins

I would like to hear the best way to rehydrate after weighing in.



How long after weigh-ins do you have to rehydrate?

A lot depends on what a person is trying to accomplish and how fast they need to accomplish it. For those who hurt themselves by dropping 20 lbs. the day before the match, it's going to be really hard (if not impossible) to rehydrate your body and gain all of your strength back in time for the fight.

However, if you are only have to lose four or five pounds the day before a fight, you can rehydrate pretty quickly (with a healthy dose of rest, electrolites and proteins). Will you gain ALL of your strength back in time for the fight? Probably not, but at least you will have made weight!

Remember: The faster the weigh comes off, the longer it will take for you to gain 100% of your power back.

Can a person cheat by taking certain drugs? Yes. Will some drugs give you a boost in energy? Yes. However, the draw backs are just as fast and tremendous as the boosts!

Some of my friends who have chosen this route have given themselves the following gifts:

  1. SVT's.

  2. MI.

  3. Angina.

So, if a person is considering losing weight to fight in a specific weight category, I highly suggest spending months losing weight rather than trying to do it in a few weeks or days before the fight.

Roy Harris

Thanks Roy.I started at about 180lbs and cut in 6or 7 weeks down to 167lbs.Did a sauna suit run for 45 min went down to 162lbs.Flew to the fight and the next morning weighted 157.5.Ran for 30 min with sauna suit and was down to 154.5lbs.

Ended up being an easy cut.Felt great then choked the next night in my first fight.

Peace and thanks again