How to start a career in IT?

Hey guys, first off, sorry for any cluelessness in the post, as I am just trying to learn.

I am looking at starting a career in some sort of IT field. I have been working as a tech support for an internet service provider for about two years now. I am good at my job, and finding it far too easy now. I would like to move on and learn more (and make more money of course).

I am wondering what kind of options I have. Preferably, I do not want to go back to school full time for two, or even one, year. But I definitely would like to study on my own time, or take some night schooling if required.

So in your opinions, what would be a good first step for me? Then what would come next?

I see alot of talk about these certifications and such, should I start with those?

Any advice is greatly appreciated.


Take a look at the threads throughout the IT Forum. There is a lot of valuable information already here.