How to start a fight....

Hey! Now there's an idea....

the first rule of Fight Club is that you do not talk about Fight Club.

Act like you're gay and go to an area that's known for gay bashing.

Take an ethnic friend (who also wants to fight) to a racist bar. This happened to a friend of mine where he got jumped by 10 guys (but he wasn't looking for trouble). He was Japanese, but grew up in Canada, plays hockey and works out hard, so he's 300 lbs of muscle. Luckily he was able to force his way to the door and run away.

Go to your local chapter of the Hell's Angels and start calling them pussies.

Careful not to get killed.

be mature about it get in the ring

just go to a concert, get in the mosh pit and start swingin!

You should watch fight club, it's a great movie. And you'll get a kick out of it, compared w/ your situtation. I thought this thread was a fight club driven anyways.

I think a scene is called 'how to start a fight'.

If your dead set on a real fight "gloves off" ask some of the sholin that train after you or someone you dont know in another ma club, Im sure there are others out there wanting to test themselves just as you are, this way its fairly safe and you have no reprecutions or having to watch your back. :)
BUT take it from someone who has had his fair share of kicking ass and getting mine kicked.
Fighting proves nothing. I have studied ma for years and have done time locked up, so fighting used to be second nature to me.
I cant remember how many Ive had but I can promise you that not 1 of them brought on any good.

lol@ fightclub and people saying to watch it......

Challenge BSF....

This thread is hilarious (lol)!!! I liked the mosh pit suggestions, and standing outside the houses of sex offenders suggestions. Those were the best suggestions in order not to be a prick. But the other ones are great regardless for entertainment value. Keep'em comin. :) annoying as you are, you shouldn't have any trouble finding someone to beat you senseless. it's too late to beat you senseless, but they could still beat you.

Dumb thread!!

Gary Hughes


Stop being an ass. If you want around your school trying to piss people off, you will most likely end of fighting a bunch of nut jobs that don't believe in fair fighting and wouldn't hesitate to round up a posse and gang fuck you.

Sam Pie,

You are a douche. You always have been, and you always will be. This is what I'm warning Glen about, he may find himself fighting with someone that trains with you and is proud of his ability to kick people in the balls, poke their eyes, bite them, and all those honorable things that you love to brag about.

Yo, GlenLarry, why do you WANT to fight with an unskilled opponent? Test yourself with someone who knows what they're doing and you'll get your answer.

Or better yet, pick a fight with a cop first, then get thrown in jail. Once you're in jail, pick a fight with the Booking officers, get pepper sprayed in the face and put in a restraint chair after being beaten mercilessy, then once you get in the inmate population, you can try to pick a fight again and end up being gang-raped by a bunch of criminals.

There you go, Larry, a perfect plan!

"I go to Concordia in Montreal. I'm Jewish. I've started wearing my IDF (Isreal Defence Forces) T-shirt everywhere I go. Eventually someone will have a problem with it...."

I have a friend that lived in montreal and he said there was a lot of tension between the jews and muslims there, with the muslims usually instigating the fighting etc. You should look into it.

You can always get yourself an ego... then the jealous people WILL want to challenge you.

And it will in that case be self defense :)

dantheGIRLYman...It is true I am very good at kicking and poking, I would only bite as a very last resort. You must have me confused with Paul Vunak.

In combat, there are no rules. If you doubt the effectiveness of my deadly groin kicks or blinding eye pokes, I would be glad to demonstrate on you. You can be the Geek of the Underground.

What are you good at again?

Gary Hughes


I graduated from there a long time ago.


Is badger meat called pork?

groundnpound: Great post. Insightful and funny.

Badger: As I've said, I really just want to do it because I've been doing boxing, wrestling and BJJ for a while and want to try it out "for real". I do train and I spar regularly but it's not really the same.

MAF: My French is quite good. Not fluent, but I can certainly speak well, although not as well as I can understand others speaking to me.

mentalmidget: Do you still live in Montreal?

Some very funny stuff here. BTW, let me be clear. As I've said many times here, I want to fight just to see how I do. Period. I think the best suggestion given was to find someone from another club and put together a friendly closed door match. I have unlimited access to my club and could probably do this rather easily.

Oh ya,

Sam Pie: You are a pathological liar and beyond reproach as a moron. You are the worst thing about the UG by far! Now get the fuck off my thread you repulsive, pathetic, fat piece of shit.


clever. seriously.

"It is true I am very good at kicking and poking, I would only bite as a very last resort."

I rest my case.

"If you doubt the effectiveness of my deadly groin kicks or blinding eye pokes, I would be glad to demonstrate on you."

There is a time and place, and it's called women's self-defence class at the YMCA.

And I don't doubt the effectiveness, but anyone can kick someone in the nuts and stick fingers in their eyes.

I, for one, don't consider that fighting. It's fighting just as much as hitting someone with a baseball bat from behind.