How To Start Of In MMA?

Hey you guys may think this is a suckish thread but i'm only trying to get some advise from people more wiser in this field.

Basicly im a 14 year old kid who has/is been watching and intrested in MMA for 2 years, I do watch carefully and examine techniques the fighters use and implement them in real life fights that I get into a lot, I do tend to win every 1 vs 1 fights and sometimes even 2 vs 1 fights I get in to, these fights are something I enjoy but try not to get into for obvious reasons but I do because of my rough neighborhood/enviroment, anyway I'm not here to tell you my life story so lemme cut to the point.

As said before I'm very intrested in MMA, and I want to try and expand my skills at someting I know I am good a t; Fighting.

I have very good cardio, I was going to take part in the Junior London Marathon but pulled out due to a real bad family crisis only 2 days before, I am extremely athletic and believe I can be dedicated to training and everything else that comes with it.

The reason I posted this thread is because I wanted to know were basicly to begin, especially a good style of fighting that I could start off with, or any books/dvds you recomend that I could read/watch in my own time.

At the start of this I tried to keep it short but I guess I draged on heh. Thanks for reading this long, dry, and some what pointless thread.

Constructive replies please, but insult me if you want ^_-

P.S I have access to teh moneys

Thanks ^_-

I know or a real nice book and instructional dvd for you to start off with. They may even have it at your local library, you may have heard of it "HOOKED ON PHONICS"

I'm not much on giving advice. But I'll give it a shot. 1st would be to stop fighting in the streets. Before you know it you'll have a case and a criminal record and things could start going bad from there. Your MMA career will never get started. I'm from Chicago and I have had my share of experiences as well. But wrestling helped me stay focused and has helped my MMA career. Find a gym near you and start your training or if your school has a wrestling team check it out. But do be a knucklehead and fight in the streets. No good ever comes out of it . Trust me.

Yeah bro try and stay away from the street fights, nothin really good comes from it...but if they happen they happen, just be smart. As was mentioned before wrestling is a good way to go, they should have clubs around your age. If that interests you, then you may want to check out a bjj school or a judo club. If you worked any of the three for a while then all you'd hve to do is pick up some striking skillz. Good luck.


Go to an MMA gym and train there.

wax on, wax off

that is all

i believe this is the work of a troll.
but if you are serious then i suggest start bjj, i started around 14 myself and box. you need to get punched in the face a couple times and see if you still really want to do this. and also join h.s. wrestling, do all three of these until your about 19 and your straight .

"and sometimes even 2 vs 1 fights I get in to"

sure you do son, sure you do