How to start own club?

Well it appears that I will not be able to afford bjj for a while some medical things came up and it looks like I will not be able pay.

What I would like to do if i can is to start a small club so that at least I can roll and not lose that much.

I can get a place with no problem and I can probably get some cheap mats the thing is how do I get people to roll with.

I am only a whitebelt in bjj and brown in judo and I feel I am no position to be called instructor or to charge so it will be free. I can teach whatever I know but it will be limited. I just want to be able to keep training. Also I will still be connected to my school by going to seminars and taking the occassional private with my instructor.

So what you guys think? Is this even possible?

Any thoughts

judo sucks.

Ask anyone you have ever trained with in the past if they want to train. It's free, you can work what ever you want, if you find just one, he or she may know 1 or 2 that want to train.

I belong to a club that is free and started just like that, there is someone usually training everyday there, we have anywhere from 2 to 10 people that come at the same time to train everyday. And new people come all the time, so you can do it.

Eleven years ago,after seeing UFC2,three of us from work pooled our money & bougth a Paul Viele instructional tape from Paladan Press. We then stopped by the local church that had on 8x10 wresting mat,& started to have some real fun. Many years later people now come from over an hour away to practice.

The thing I remember most about those days was all the fun we had even though nobody new a whole lot.We also soon discovered why that disclaimer is at the beginning of instructionals.


Go for it. Teach the people you are better than, learn from the ones that are better than you. If you are doing seminars, private etc. you should be able to progress and practice with each other. Even people who have a school may want to do some extra training etc.