How to take a punch?

in your opinion who clenches up and who lets lose...i read a royce gracie article once where he said to clench up...and tighten neck muscles...but ive heard more otherwise...

Let yourself get kicked in the nuts. If you can take a kick to the nuts, you can take a punch to the face.

put your chin into it

I always let out a blood curdling Kiaa when I get hit.  It works.

Gary Hughes, Team Hai Karate!

Everyone reacts different. Have your dad sock u in the dome, and see how u react.

Trial an error

TheRealJoker is correct.  If anyone wants to see if they can take a hard kick to the groin, let me know.

You been slacking off lately Gary--how come no threads in a while?

Like a man

Hi, Macedawgg...I started a new job recently that will not allow me to use the internet for anything accept business.  I've worked out of my house for the last 3 years and before that I used to post from my jobs.

I'm sure I'll find something to inspire me soon.  My last thread was moved and ruined by a overzealous Moderator.

Gary Hughes


LOL @ all the posts. If u are serious...adopt CRAZY MONKEY tactics from the STRAIGHT BLAST GYM. Go to their forum and ask what it is...basically it's an easier way to learn how to block via MMA striking.

I usually squint my eyes and cringe right before impact.

...with a little gin. Or Southern Comfort if you are a Whiskey Man.

Why train to "take" a punch? Why not train to avoid the punch?

I honestly cant answer that. I never trained on taking a punch I just reacted. I am too busy focused on defending and throwing to see what im doing.

I usually take a punch by falling on the floor and bleeding.

ttt for Sam Pai!