How to talk to returning Marine?

My dads boss's son will be returning home after a 7 month deployment this Sunday.

Yesterday, they held a ceremony at 29 Palms to honor the 22 that died.

The newspaper sent 2 writers that wrote many articles about their action.

He was sent over as a Network Admin and worked in one of Saddam's retreats. As his friends started getting wounded and killed, he asked his officers to move him to the front lines. He went from leading 5 in the office to 17 at ECP 1A.

He was in firefights and saw a friend KIA, standing 3 feet away, from a sniper shot.

As we share the same career path, I'm trying to get him a job at my company. As much as I'd love to pick his brain and be his biographer, I'm sure there are things that he'd rather not talk about.

How did you feel after returning home?


Hey stephen , look , when i was over here the first time with the army , i was a SAW turret gunner for a transportation company , we logged , as a unit , over a million mission miles. we faced IED attacks, small arms , RPG you name it. I lost my best friend. When I went back, I talked about it when I wanted to , otherwise I felt best if people just treated me like I had never been over here. My advice will be just to act normal and if and when he wants to share a story or relate something to his experiences he will do it on his own time and according to his comfort level. A vets 2 cents. EZ

Everyone will respond differently. Tell him you want to ask him some questions but on his time and conditions.

I had one teammate who died in a helicopter crash in south korea.

used to sit in his room and talk about the future after we got out. i think of him whenever i hear a nirvana nevermind song as we'd listen to that every night.


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