How To Treat "Part Time" Friends?

People say ‘ghost them’ but if they are only coming around once on a blue moon, arent they the ones ‘ghosting’ you? And why do they feel the need to do that? Are you some kind of asshole? Because ‘ghosting them’ seems to be the appropriate response to people acting like an asshole.

Check up from the neck up broski!

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I called it trimming the fat. When I was young 30’s I said fuck it and removed all those idiots from my life.


It’s crazy. I just had a old friend do this to me. I called her out on it. I’ll never hear from her again.


I did too. I don’t have any social media so it was easy to do. After I moved to Colombia there’s quite a few people I haven’t heard from anymore. Life goes on


So many words today are misunderstood it’s actually unbelievable how ignorant people have become and for sure one of those is the word “friend”.

He/She is a “friend” of mine! Oh really? How did you meet? I met him/her once at a dinner. I have “20,000 “friends” on Facebook”.

I swear Libraries should be mandatory outings for school children or at least old Webster dictionaries on the shelves.

Those people are not “Friends” but better described as acquaintances.

The average person is only going to have maybe, maybe enough actual true friends that they can count on one hand. A true friend is invaluable and a real life partner as you go through this crazy thing called life. It’s a special thing!


These terms are so jumbled that I dare say the vast majority of people couldn’t define one over the other at this point.


Lol! My dad had a self appointed best friend.
He wasn’t in the market for one, but apparently it wasn’t up to him.
My “uncle Bill” was there through thick and thin, despite being asked not to. Multiple times.

I had a barnacle like that for a few years.


I think we have the same friend

Although i am not your species, i too agree with your words. In bear culture. “Friend” is not a word we give out easily. Its regular usage i think in human culture is quite often very harmful becuase of the weight and expectations associated with the word friend. “Why would so and so do this he/she was my friend.” When frequently that person is a loose acquaintance as best. Im trying to be very mindful with my own cub. She is being raised regularly amongst humans and comes home from school or the playground daily refering to everyone as friend this or that. Then the next day cubs(and adults for that matter) will be hurt when the person they regard as “friend” isnt behaving as depicted in the movies.

Very similar issue with the word love and how freely it gets tossed around


The whole social media thing is one thing I tell my wife about all the time. She hates it. Lol. She is “friends” with a bunch of people she doesn’t know, and never talks to. Those are friends. But at the same time she likes to snoop for chisme, so it works for her.

^^^^ the whole racist thing is like when a white dude says the N word and somebody says he’s racist. It’s like no, because saying the word itself isn’t racist. It’s wayyyy more than that.

Keep calling him, he definitely DOES like you and wants to hang out.

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“I dont loan money” is my go to for new people I meet. Im not very popular. If you get passed that and ask for favors, here’s zinger numero dos “be prepared for me to collect” if were at my house I’ll point at my huge collection of logs than need to be sawed and split. Again, Im not very popular.

If you get through those two things I’ll prob take a bullet for you.


I like doing this also. Day for Day trade. It seemed to cut down on the BS requests for help. Sure I’ll help you come paint a room. They don’t see that as a fair trade when I have them hanging drywall or building a retaining wall.

Favors and shit nah

If I see someone I was friendly with, even 20 years later I’ll still be friendly with them but I have gotten some fucks just straight up asking me for money out of nowhere too. They get put on a blacklist of sorts real fast.

“New number, who dis?”

people like that treat everyone as a resource. fuck him. ignore him. or reverse it when you need a ride to the airport or something. make it even. you can even make it kind of a joke and when he asks you for a favor you can be like, yeah i think it’s your turn.

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