How to troll someone at the office...

Who didn't wash their hands.

Coworker is a clean freak. Also on of my best friends. He is pissing and notices a guy we work with flushes and exits a stall and leaves without washing his hands. 2 minutes later he see's the same guy in the cafeteria using the soup ladle in the cafeteria. Now my buddy is disgusted and wishes to inform the dirty handed fucker of his wrongs.

How do we troll him? I was thinking a letter, but we can do better than that. Ideas? Phone Post 3.0

It's funny how we notice stuff like that when we're older... I saw the building maintenance guy do the same.

I was like whoa... guy just walked out after taking a piss.

Dunno, but I bet some of the degenerates on here will have some good ideas. Phone Post 3.0


Maybe put a numerous amount of hand sanitizers on his desk.

If he doesn't have a desk, than have sex with this sister. Phone Post 3.0

I wash my hands after I take a leak because I am a bit OCD about germs but this reminds me of an army joke my brother told me.


Army guy and Marine are in the same public bathroom. After taking a leak Marine goes to wash his hands while Army guy heads for the door. Marine says "In the Marines they taught us to wash our hands after we pee" 

Army guy responds "In the Army they taught us to not pee on our hands"

If you didn't piss on your hand is there any point in washing them?
What's more nasty, not washing after a non piss on your hands piss or not washing after picking your nose, scratching your armpit, scratching your ass, ect? Phone Post 3.0

Print this up and leave it on his desk.

Make up an email address that looks like your companies. Something hr related. Tell him the camera in the men's bathroom saw he didn't wash his hands after using the toilet and caught him in the cafeteria using the soup thingy.
Inform him it's his responsibility to wash his hands after using the bathroom and he need to by a replacement for the soul thingy Phone Post 3.0

Lux Fixxins - I done wash my hands after puzzling.

I pee AWAY from my body. How clean if your hand really after you touch the faucet, door handle and a million other things? Phone Post 3.0
We have auto hand washing and auto doors. There is no excuse.

Also, he was shitting, not pissing.

I like the business card idea. Our directors have assigned parking. Hmmm... Phone Post 3.0

Lux Fixxins - I done wash my hands after puzzling.

I pee AWAY from my body. How clean if your hand really after you touch the faucet, door handle and a million other things? Phone Post 3.0


I'd venture to say that my dick is cleaner than the faucet handle, soap dispenser, door handle, ect.

Print a few of these. Phone Post 3.0

Letters are so passive aggressive.  Palm a little piece of shit and go in for a handshake.  As soon as you shake hands and give a big reaction like there is something weird in his hands.  Then say "Awww, gross!  There's shit on your hands!  Don't you wash your hands after you go to the bathroom?"

Then rub your hand on his shirt and head to the washroom to clean it.  The whole way there you should be walking thorugh the office loudly exclaiming, "I can't beleive you don't wash your hands!  What kind of filthy animal walks around with shit on their hands?!?!"

I bet he washes his hands after that.

Don't be a woman about it and just tell the guy to wash his fucking hands like an adult.

Especially if he's touching shit in the cafeteria.