How to use bezerk rage in Skyrim??

Playing on a PC and apparently I'm retarded. I can't for the life of me figure out how to activate my orc's racial ability. Is it passive?

Havn't tried an Orc, but I think you just go onto Magic, select powers, toggle it on. Then press the button you would use to Shout. (in ps3, r2).

no idea what button a shout is either as I don't have any shouts yet. I've only done the main quest as far as you need to, to get your first house.

It's Z by default. I changed it because that was just to out of the way in combat.

Z, same button as shouts

Thanks a million!

If you ever need to find out what keys do what look under options and keymappings. You can find them there and change them if you want.