How to watch Champions League Final online

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Sup og,


How would I go about watching this? My country requires a satellite/cable TV to watch here, and I think it is too late to get that all installed etc just to cancel it afew days later


So, I know BTSport (UK) is apparently streaming it free of change for UK users, if I use a british VPN to access their youtube, that should be okaY?

as seen here-


otherwise is there some sort of reputable streaming site that will give it HD? even if it is pay for ..


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YouTube will stream it live Phone Post 3.0

YouTube are doing it yeah Phone Post 3.0

Cheers brothas

Crazy that its getting streamed on YT. Phone Post 3.0

Personnally I really miss it being on normal TV.

It feels more alien now that it's on BT.

ITV was pretty fucking good for it. Phone Post 3.0

It'll probably only be available to UK viewers on Youtube though. Download Kodi and get the Phoenix addon. Phone Post 3.0

^^ thx guys