How to watch pride online...Help!

I will be unable to watch it on tv can anyone give me the link or info to order it and watch it on my computer?


heheheh. good luck.

Thanks for help buddy and there is a way to watch it live as well as maybe delayed like the ass!

people who know what they are talking about please respond if you cannot help move on!

The only way you're going to see it live is you have a friend in Japan who is going to be shooting his tv with a Webcam.... The quality would be pretty shitty.

lol my ass if i could order it on PPV i would not have even posted genius!!


Given the context, that's funny.

DL - I got ufc 47 off of bittorrent the sunday after it aired, pretty decent turnaround time. I do however support the sport when possible.. I just couldn't find a place to watch it at that time around :( usually has it.

And before the flames, I'm in Costa Rica booking these bouts so I need a live feed. The Post event PPV does dik for me outside of entertainment and research value.

Yup, room is full.

is paytalk free

odessa - why not carrying Pride GP odds at

with paytalk can u watch on paytalk or just listen to the broadcast

I believe you'd be listening to third party commentary on the broadcast?