Here is your chance to show everyone! Sign up now for FREE at to play UFC Fantasy Challenge.

It is SO simple. Pick the winner, the finishing move, the round and the time. You get points for each, and the highest total points wins.

You have a chance to win tickets for 2 to the next UFC event (air fare, hotel--the WORKS) and other cool UFC swag! And it is all free! What do you have to lose?

Challenge your friends in custom leagues and see who is the toughest!---What a great way to watch the fights!!


I'm a pussy. No way would I try this.

flexes muscle

Its free law dog---don't be a pussy MAN UP!


Pretty tough even if I say so myself....


sounds dangerous!



thanks for adding the link Night Stalker

Oh and I have a league set up for anyone who wants to beat my ass

just join up---and then after you have a team go to the join a league page

"myspace killers" is the league

the scoring is realtime too! should be fun!

xshanex it isn't THAT hard bro---i think you can do it!

Ray, is that like not voting for president so you can bitch no matter who wins?

I like where your heads at...

Ray---just think how much MORE you can bitch when the fighter you pick to win gets KTFO---HAHA!

I am telling you---this is a FUN game!

Tougher than you.

Smart and sexy uncle, not tough uncle.

have there been any reported deaths in this "fantasy" league?
i'm skeered.

I consider myself a pretty tough individual. In my days I have wrestled with tigers, swam with sharks, played catch with hyenas, climbed the highest cliffs and dove in the deepest waters... but joining a UFC fantasy league? Well, to that I say, I know where my limits are.

Tyson86---no raping beauty queens allowed in the fantasy league---but you can test you skillz


Emcee battle btwn Tyson86 and jaco