How useful is a grappling dummy?

How useful is a grappling dummy?

I have been thinking about getting one, and I wondered if anyone here has seen improvements in their game from doing additonal reps at home on a grappling dummy.

You absolutly cannot go wrong with one. I accredit a strong top game to hours of drilling on GOMASS. Or "grappleman" as they call it now.

Before you spend money on a dummy, buy Into Combat's Circuit Training For Mixed Martial Arts (S.A.I.D. series) by JC Santana.

The intro warm-up show Renato Tavares from ATT "sparring" with a Swiss ball and using the entire mat space. You cannot get that alliveness with any kindof dummy.

I saw the DVD at at friend's house and cannot stop thinking about the drill- looks like it'd take a while to get the balance of it but he was passing the guard, getting side position, using closed guard, reversals from the bottom....

Here is one for sell


can someone tell me more about these. What posisitions can you put them in? do there arms and legs move? can you use them to improve your gaurd game to?

One could make the argument that I am a grappling dummy.

I agree with Armbrat.

The thing about any piece of equipment, whether it is a grappling dummy, Swiss ball, boxing bag etc, is it isn't the equipment in and of itself that makes the difference BUT rather how YOU use it.

Some people don't get much out of using grappling dummies and the like because they really don't have much of an imagination.

The equipment isn't going to do drills for you. It isn't even going to give you drills to do. Rather, you have to do that yourself.

I am sure the type of work and drills Renato Tavares did with the Swiss Ball came from his own imagination, innovativeness and creativity and not the Swiis Ball itself.

If you have kids use them instead.

I have had a bubba for years. Used it more at the beginning than I do now.

The main thing to consider is having a mat that you can always keep it on. It becomes a pain to set up mats and drag it out, resulting in less use. IF you do have a matted area that you can leave the dummy, you will get significantly more use out of it.


It certainly takes a certain type to be able to make a grappling dummy useful. I don't think most people could make a good go of it. I know in a million years I'd never be able to sustain a good work ethic on an overstuffed teddy bear. Maybe I don't have the imagination. I don''t have sex with blow up dolls either :(

Your (non-bjj) friends will mock you if they ever find out.

"If you have kids use them instead." LOL

How about: if you don't have kids, now you have a reason to start.

"If you have kids use them instead." LOL

Great!!!.... "Dials the Foster Children Network"

I am in the first stages of making one starting with a stand up bag from which I removed the base.

Check out the review of the Bubba Dummy on

Great thread. I especially like the comments about using your imagination.

Some people like guard work with Bubba, others don't. If you like tying an inner tube around your post, try tying Bubba there instead (one leg on each side).

I like tying his legs about shoulder width apart and putting him in the position of "sitting" on his knees. Then I pull him forward into my guard. He towers over me like that.

Bubba II is coming soon.


I tried your idea of using a post this morning (for Bubba in my guard), and it worked great! First, I bent both of his knees all they way for a few seconds. Then, I tied Bubba to the post just above his legs (where he bends forward). I also tied his legs together just below the knees with the belt in front of the post. That keeps his legs from sliding to the side or sliding back away from me. I had a blast doing armlocks and triangles. I also threw a lot of punches.

Then, I tried it with just one leg tied to the post. This allowed the other leg to move around. I could also put the knee up to spin to the armlock. I liked this even better.

Thanks for the great idea.


Good thread. Can someone please take the time to explain how they're using a Swiss ball? I'm having trouble visualizing this as I've never seen or heard of training in this manner (Swiss ball, yes, but for different things...)

Bubbamaker: Have you ever put together a video on training with a dummy? It would be helpful for those of us who lack imagination. It might sell a few dummies also.