How was Class?

What did your instructor go over in class tonight? Phone Post

About to jump on the bike and ride down to the academy.

separated the class. Don't know what the advanced guys were working, but we did: 1.armbar from the guard 2. Kimura from side control 3. Americana/Keylock from side control. 30 minutes of drilling each one.


went over rolls across shoulders. roll when someone passes gaurd to side monunt. roll to turtle and set out back to guard. when hip escape from mount and you are going to get arm barred roll and put your ass in their face control the sleeves upside down with feet in arm pits. switch both feet to one arm pit set up triangle , omoplata ect or spin back to guard.

today at lunch:
from side mount. face crush. from the top cross face other hand under shoulder apply presure with your shoulder to the face/jaw twist your shoulder into face stay low up on toes continue to apply plessure to face untill they die. Or if you are mounted on their right side: slide your left arm back against you left thigh and drag their right arm with you pop your left knee into arm pit squeeze(base right arm out)their arm with both legs sitting on your butt push hips forward untill arm comes unhinged.
next. if they have an arm under you and try to spin under to escape. sit on you left hip and wrap your arm around their head and depending on which way their face is you have a gilloten(sp?) or a clock choke.
again..squeeze till they die

Last night

1. Passing half guard if guy on bottom has under hook
2. 2 different brabo chokes when trying to pass someones half guard

Then 3 8 min rounds of rolling after drilling

I flowed rolled with instructor for 2 of those rounds though cause I jacked up my rib rolling on 4th of july.

Butterfly pass.

Split the butterfly hooks, slide through into half guard almost like a wilson reis pass, finish in half guard but facing towards the feet.

Then counter for the guy on bottom. As the guy passes to half, insert butterfly hook, elevate to get back to full butterfly guard.

I then proceeded to roll badly

We did spider transition to triangle, that same transition into triangle armbar and kimura, and then the escape to the same subs. Like a neat little system.

We also did a half hour rolling. I have biggest weakness! I get keylocked from half guard everytime I roll with someone who has 20 k on me. I literally can't do anything about it. I'm thinking of moving to spider for the bigger guys because all the heavy guys know about it and still manage it even if I grip my gi with all my strength :-)

On the bright side I tapped a coloured belt (who was knackered but it was still a nice technique) and managed some nice transitions. Not too shabby really. Phone Post

Dim Mak. No can defend.

What Dim Mak? Phone Post

dim mak is the death touch. its too lethal to be trained

no can defend..

we worked another butterfly this is three classes in row we've worked butterfly passes. Worked for 2 min. in butterfly and the opponent trying to pass.
then rolled..which the only bright points were my throws and take downs

Went in for open mat during the day so I did whatever I wanted. Open mat > classes, imo.

Clock choke. So awesome. Phone Post

Last night:

Small class. Only three of us(all whites) and the instructor. Like having a semi private lesson.

We learned firemans carry takedown. Then transitioned from Firemans carry take down > Knee on belly> armbar. Then we learned "Bow and Arrow" choke.

Then we rolled and I got handled by a guy that I outweigh by at least a hundred pounds!