How was Daukaus a favorite to win over Derrick Lewis?

I understand Daukaus is a good technical boxer, but who did he beat to become a favorite over Derrick Lewis going into their fight?

Lewis is one of the most dangerous strikers in the UFC. Are you guys serious?


While his overall skills are better than Derrick’s I too found it highly suspicious that Lewis was the underdog in this matchup. Stylistically I thought it was a bad match for Chris even though I think he’s way beyond Lewis skillwise.


easy money on that bet


I would guess “what have you done for me lately?”

Lewis was dominated his last fight and even calling eye pokes from knuckles. It was bad, but Gane is very good.

They simply must have forgot. Derrick is still here.


There are (atleast) 10 biggish-fights each year with easy plus odds, I love betting on MMA


I was shocked too…Hence my $100 bet on lewis…


Derrick is easily one of the most dangerous Gate keepers ever. He’ll never be an easy out.


Yeeup… once Derrick decided it was time to end it it didn’t take long at all

If he was way beyond Lewis in skill level he would have won the fight. I’m so tired of the UGers hot takes calling guys who lose fights more skilled. Based on what? How are you judging that he’s more skilled? If you lose a fight, the guy uou are fighting is better than you, full stop.


5 fight KO win streak :man_shrugging: or how Lewis looked against a technical striker his last fight

Lewis beats 80%+ of guys who were better skill wise, look at Curtis and Volkov. That man can ice anyone on earth at any time.

You just said full stop. Please don’t address me about anything ever again.


Yeah. Neither one of them are as well rounded and balanced as Daukaus imo but I get your point. And Volkov showed in his fight with Lewis that he has some of the absolute lowest fight IQ around.

I think it’s more Lewis uneven performances than anything Daukaus has done. Now that Lewis has had a solid cycle and not concerned with gassing in 60 seconds, he’s a different fighter.

dude is far from a gatekeeper. He is a legitimate top HW contender

I think the oddsmakers were just operating with the information they had available to them. As it stood, Daukaus had been showing pretty good movement, footwork, and technical boxing, albeit against lesser competition. I’m sure the thought process was that If Daukaus could drag the fight out and stay out of the danger zone, he had a solid chance of winning. Lewis is only going to beat you one way. He’s not gonna pull off any flying triangles or showtime kicks off the cage. He’s in his mid-30’s, has been fighting pro MMA for over a decade, knows his path to victory, and more often than not has done a successful job in steering toward it.

We were, however, once again reminded that in MMA, it’s about who lands first.

And besides, I disagree with the notion that Lewis is not technical. He’s a top ranked guy in the UFC. He’s technical in his own way, based on his own fight style. He might not throw a thousand jabs per round, but the way in which he positions and when he chooses to let his hands go is no accident or coincidence. Outside of maybe the top three of the division, Lewis has the tools to beat practically anyone he’s matched up with.

For whatever reason, people seem to buy his act that he doesn’t train hard, or that he’s out of shape or that he’s scared to go five rounds. He’s not. The dude is a pro. He’s just saying crazy shit for the camera to make people laugh.

I couldn’t agree more. I mean, this isn’t a buster Douglas win. 7 to 10 times out of 10 Lewis wins that fight.
I think it has to do with how people define skill. I remember TMA guys saying mma guys have shit technique because their roundhouse kicks aren’t as pretty as the ones they throw in kata.
Well… power and accuracy is skill… and Lewis has that in spades.

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Had the kids this weekend forgot to put my Lewis/ Muhammad parlay in - easy money- I am such a dope

Daukaus striking was extremely overrated. He just ran forward with 1-2’s.

He’s shown good striking… against guys who aren’t strikers.