How was Matrix Resurrection

I see it’s back on HBO. Did they ruin it?

I thought it was fucking lame. If you like Woke shit you’ll love it

Pretty bad. Not sure what was woke about it, but it was just a shit movie.

I wouldn’t call it woke but it was about as good as the other 2 sequels. So not good is the answer

Damn, I guess I need another movie tonight since there’s no basketball

Watch The Survivor and let us know if it was any good.

Is that on HBO?


Cool concept but it was a clunky delivery

I would take a good movie that is woke over this movie, which was just an underwhelming and unnecessary cash grab

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Um UFC? Bellator? Basketball sucks.

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I love the Matrix. I’m a huge fanboy. I even like the sequels. So maybe you need to take my opinion with a grain of salt, but…
…the new Matrix movie sucks absolute ass.


It was like one of those old cheap ‘direct-to-video’ franchise sequels that the studios would shit out with none of the original cast or creators involved …
…. Except it was made by the original creator with the original 2 main cast members.

The writer/director obviously had no ideas and didn’t want to do it but felt compelled to. The bitchy comments actually in the movie about the video game getting a sequel whether the creators agree or not wasn’t exactly subtle.


Matrix 1 is still a top-25 movie for me, the sequels have their ups and downs and I can enjoy them for some of the action scenes and philosophical changes they make to the first film.

Resurrections is a piece of shit. And there are a lot of woke moments in it, going on about how it’s better to be nonbinary and this time it’s the girls who have the power.


I was telling my daughter yesterday that Matrix Resurrection might be the only sequel ever where someone who has never seen any of the movies before it will understand it more easily than someone that’s seen all the prior pictures.
Don’t believe me?
Slightest of spoilers, but imagine trying to spend the first what…30-45 minutes of the movie trying to figure out why Morpheus (a human) is now an agent (a program).
Like…how is that even a thing?

Thanks forgot about that


Fucking horrible

The worst of the films, it feels cheap and the action was underwhelming. At no point did my heart rate increase. The sound was especially awful, like at one point there’s a crash with an explosion and the sound didn’t reflect the magnitude of it at all. I hated the inclusion of shots from the old movie as well. I hated the ending, which again looked cheap. The only part I can recall liking was bugs.

The directors have gotten worse with each film they’ve done, it’s bizarre. It goes against common thinking that people get better with more practice.


Garbage. Save your precious time and skip it. Felt like those cheap movies where they play recaps of previous movies.

Mental illness is a helluva drug.