How was RJJ as commentator...

...for Tarver Johnson? I watched it without commentators on my comp. Any swipes at Tarver, or was he cool the whole time?

real cocky like he could beat both guys with his eyes closed. no swipes at them though, infact it was nice to hear commentary from a guy who'd been in there with both

"real cocky like he could beat both guys with his eyes closed." Thats the Roy we love, lol.

"no swipes at them though" Good to hear. Did he say anything about a comeback?

He is actually very insightful when he sticks to just technical boxing discussion. His boxing IQ is very high.

But his arrogance still shines through every now and then, unfortunately. For example, he did say the he saw nothing from the two guys in the ring last night that would make him want to come out of retirement.

Never mind that both of them were good enough to knock his ass out.

His extreme arrogance in one reason I've never cared for Roy. Even though he's lost it as a fighter, he's made so much money that people are always going to kiss his ass. He'll always have that enormous ego I'm afraid.

I'm with PFP on this one. Roy's technical analysis is top notch but he's fuckin' delusional when it comes to these two KO defeats.

ego is what drives top fighters. think about it. if you were filthy rich would you be able to get up and do all that they do to prepare for a fight?

i agree with pfp and hater. i think Roy's analysis in mab morales was some of the best work that chair at hbo had ever done.

Homie I was openly rooting for Johnson and thought tarver fought like a scrub at times but from what I saw it would have been tough to score it for Glenn. The thing Glenn did do well was go to Tarver's body. Tarver was very tired late. He reminded me somewhat of Matk Breland, although I like Breland but dislike tarver.

Official answer: Tarver probably deserved a close decision but I am damn pleased with the way it came out. Basically, Tarver blew it.

I think Jones is an excellent commentator. His boxing iq is second to none imo, and unlike Foreman and some of his outlandish comments, Jones is usually dead on in his analysis of what is happening in the ring and what needs to be done by each guy to take advantage of the other.

I liked RJJ as a commentary.

What I couldn't stand was the hundreds of references Lampley made about RJJ losing to both these men, getting KO'd etc etc....

I can understand why you make a few given the RJJ fought both but it was pretty clear that RJJ was getting a little annoyed and Lamps kept going at it.....over and over again. RJJ kept his composure pretty well given the circumstances.

"Is it me or is he looking really old lately? "

drained. i think in actuality he is glad to have time off "retired"

Foreman would say some things that did not seem to make sense from time to time, but he made some great points and knows his boxing. I also like the way he stood up for fighters when he felt other members of the broadcast team were criticizing them unnecessarily or excessively.