how was the tournament today guys?

how was the tournament today guys???Fabio

why can't I see any message from anyone. it is the first time I use this. can anyone help?

It was a very good day, except for someone that got injured and had to be pulled out on a strecher and people who had their wallets and cameras stolen from their bags.

Yeah good day... my wallet was stolen from my bag.

If anyone is reading this who happened by it could you return my
bank cards, licences etc it would be much appreciated :P

Everyone had a great time who entered... bit dissapointing about
the things getting stolen.

Charming behaviour! What and where was this tournament?

It was a good day. The day ran well and they even had time for a white and blue belt absolute. There were some good matches as well.

It was a shame that there was someone stealing items on the day. Hopefully it was someone not associated with the event.


There were some mistakes and bad calls on the day, but nothing major. This is just all part of the game. IMO, regardless of whether there was a mistake, the result should have stood. Our guys lost on a couple of missed calls, during the match I yelled and tried to point out the error. At the end, I accepted the decision. I went up to the ref and explained what happened. He said "What do we do now?"... I said "nothing, learn from your mistakes and move on". It's a sport, not life and death, sometimes you have to accept the bad call.

I agree that we need more scorers. But it's difficult when you can't get people to help. At one point one mat was entirely dormant because the scorer had to go and compete and there were no other backups.

Overall though, it was a good day.

Mr Whale, where were you hiding? Didn't see you there.


"Ben, there's the corner" [points to my right] "Now go sit in it!"

"And no, you can't take your computer with you!"

fuckin sucks that some lowlife was stealing shit.

remind me to not take valubles to any comps.

it seems that bjj reffing needs an overhaul? not so much the ppl but the rules and regulations?


My Phone & digital camera was stolen out of my bag at the tourney yesterday when I was competing,

I dont care about the phone but the camera had some vids of my dad before he got very sick. He had a stroke again (2nd stroke, still in hospital) last week and I would do anything to get that footage back of him when he was healthier with my mum.

I will pay a reward to get the camera back.

I can be contacted on 02 9434 5630. No questions asked.

If anone knows someone who is responsible for this could you help me out. It would be much appreciated.

Took the shine off winning the Gold! Put a downer on what should of been a happy occasion.

"it seems that bjj reffing needs an overhaul? not so much the ppl but the rules and regulations?"

I disagree, I think it's just a matter of experience. The guys reffing need to be allowed to make mistakes and not get crucified. They will learn and in time become better at what they do. If they get harrassed, then they won't come back, then next time you've got new guys again. We need consistency with the referees.

"Stealing shit at a BJJ comp. That guy must be high, crazy or have some balls. (or a mix of all)."

I disagree, I just think the thief was probably clueless to what BJJ is. They probably thought we were a bunch of romo huggers. They probably have no idea what MMA is either. It is a big shame that this happened. My guess it was probably someone who does this sort of thing regularly as it wasn't just an isolated incident. One thing gone, maybe a first timer, multiple things gone, someone who knows what they're doing.


How was the attendance at the competition? Clubs/competitors/divisions/belts?

That is a total bummer about people's shit getting stolen...But I did notice so many people not really looking after their shit on the day... I was pretty dissapointed to find out that My Mate that was competing just left his camera in his bag during his warm up unattended...If he wasn't a bluebelt I'd beat him up with my No Kan Do. I am a clear belt.... :D

Anyway I was stoked to be there yet again...Was exciting for a non BJJ practitioner (me)...the Guys that I went for both won Gold... Congrats to Dave O'brien (my Flate mate) and BenBjj....even if you where a bit agro with your I mean....hehehe

What was with the $5 entry fee...That was new?

Dutch Law... The attendance was pretty good...Not as much atmosphere as the Subwrestling in Manly...Maybe we need more higher belt fights...Like the BLACKS competing....


Sorry to hear about that man, whoever it was must have hung
around most of the day as things were going missing all day, even
the first aid guys were robbed.

They obviously didnt give a fuck... I for one wish they took my
money and dumped the wallet outside.
I think Elvis is right, it would have been someone who just
wandered by paid the $5 entry fee and made off with $2000 worth
of goods. No one involved in the sport would risk being caught.

My stuff was stolen from the stand just next to the warm up mats and the first aid guys. Thinking about it, there were some suss characters (non competitors) hanging around there.

I am pretty sure when I rang my phone 2 times they were still in there when they diverted the phone.

Anyone know any of those kids from Rockdale hanging out there?

My bag was in the same place when they took my wallet. Left my
new 3 video phone though??? Guess after you tried to call yours
they figured they wouldnt risk it again.

We had the Machado area well guarded with someone who wasn't competing looking over our stuff while we competed.

Rumble that sucks about your stuff getting nicked and I will let you know if I hear anything.

Well at least we know for next time, "Have someone looking over your stuff while your not there"

P.S - I was lucky as I had my bag unattended for the first couple of hours with my cam-phone, $750.00 Mini-Disc Player and wallet sitting there and when I heard there some fuckhead thieves around I was quick to get someone from my school to mind my stuff for me.

By the way - well Done to the Machado team!! That was a close one! You guys just keep getting better!

Now if we just caught the thieving lil pr*cks...

man i feel lucky! i left my 2 bags unatended almost the whole day, with wallet, phone, MP3 player, CDs and gameboy+games. won't be doing that again, i thought the day went well, it was a pitty that there wasn't anyone in my division blue over 97, some of you people need to tub up a little:)