How was UFC46 for the Canadians?

So how was the show live? How were the prelim fights? How did St. Pierre look?


Damn! Sounds like a great time!

Congrats to what in this case...nice payday...:)

Nice review What!

Vegas was cool, the UFC live was something, happy that i saw all the fights, (PPV didn't show much), met a lot of fighters, (Vitor, Randleman, Coleman, Tito, Sims, B.J, etc.)hang out with Pierson, Mackdaddyflex and Chad Hamzeh. You gotta see at least one event live in your life.

George impressed me but Karo impressed me more because he handled George for three rounds and almost submit him in the first round. Impressive win by B.J. he was too much for Hughes to handle.

Wes sims made us laugh when we tought he was put to sleep and raise his arm and gave the finger to Mir.

Great week-end!!!

Yannick is correct that going to UFC at least once is a must.
It'S like going to Mecca for muslims!

After UFC 45, I wanted to go to this one, but was unable to at
the last minute.
However, I will be there for the Vitor-Randy rematch.

A live UFC isn't just about the fights, but the Hotels, meeting
other fans, the hype, the merch and meeting fighters at event
or in the public. Nothing compares.

I arrived in vegas and paid to stay in a hostel for the 4 days, as I knew not where to go. The hostel was equiped with nothing, which seemed enough at the time... I was sharing a room with Alix and Sergio from Brazil, they knew of Vitor, and more of Prado... the brazilians left, as I laid down to nap.

I had a peculiar dream, and awoke not knowing where I was. I walk into the main room of this dorm and see a girl there, 18 or 19 at most. She apologizes for waking me, her accent a thick german sound. I told her no problem, but wondered whom she was...... her name was Alene, she has travelled from Germany in hopes of finding something or someone, I never really bothered to ask more. She hadn't yet the Brazilians yet, this had me worried.

I then walked south, in an attempt to find the LVCC, but I was thirsty, and instead, purchased a large bottle of water. Someone rushed out of a strip club covered in blood, with a stocking on his face... he looked at me in a confused rage... I kept walking.

I went back to my room, Alene still there, so I took another nap....

I then found my way to the Cobra Kai gym via useless' hospitality... I was greeted by Sam Zakula, he likes to video tape, but a good guy.

I then proceeded to get tooled by Jason Miller.

Barry took pictures of me urinating, I did not find this acceptable. Though he got me out of the hostel, so I digress. We never robbed the hostel like I wanted to, for retribution.

Hermes vs. Josh was fight of the night.


You mean to tell me you didn't bang the german chick ??

*Leaves thread dissapointed*


wow Chad....that's story.....

"Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas...Chad Style"

JHR, have you seen Chad in person? Chad is a really nice guy but a striking resemblance to Golem from Lord of the Rings.


So that is the reason why Chad didn't bang her? LOL.

Holy fuck...I just spit all over my keyboard...



Chad took a hit from a little brown bottle in his shaving kit.....

LMAO @ Chad's story...

You go dude!

I want to go to a UFC once at least. I am already making plans to go. If I can convince the Wife that a vacation to Vegas would be good then have it fall on a UFC PPV...

mmmmmyyyyyyyyyyyyyy preccccccciiiiiouuuussssssssssssssssss

Hey chad, you should have called me and Bill. We had some spare room and a few buddies that live in Vegas.

Get ahold of me if you plan to attend the next one on april 2nd as we will probably be there. We always rent a car so we have transport to the local nudie bars.

250-613-7511 bruno