How/where to find a good nanny?

Any ideas? My girl has interviewed a few based on referrals, but they are all old hags that want like $15 an hour for 11 hour days, and they will only be working like 2 of those hours. Wont do any housework or anything in their spare time either. Bitches.

Thanks for any help.

A bunch of people I know have done the live in au pair thing...You work with a service, they bring someone over from another country and they live in a spare room of your house as a part of their compensation. If that person doesn't work out, you trade them out for another. 

I could never do that...I barely even like the fact that my wife lives in my house (I like my alone time) but it seems to work for them. 

ryanj, thanks. Im just like you - even my girl being in the house is too much at times. screw someone else living here.

Get a hot one.

Haha Canooke, if I could only find one!!!

The bigger the tits the better the nanny.

We founds ours at the day care where my son goes. She was his teacher and would babysit for us on the weekends when my wife and I wanted to have a night out. My daughter and son both loved her.  Finding one isn’t easy. We looked for about 5 or 6 months before we got lucky with her.  You can post on a few job sites (indeed, careerbuilder, etc) and see if you find a quality one.