How will America react to the next lockdown?

They are already setting us up for another lockdown with all the fear mongering about variants . I think the next lockdown they will then put the vax passport into effect saying it’s for our safety. Biden already has teams about to go around communities asking who is vaxxed. I’m sure these teams will become more aggressive and in the future when the vax is mandatory they will be enforcing it. So how will Americans deal with this? Fight back or go along like the cattle and sheep that we are?

Felt like this in England, but we’ve just announced ending everything and no vacinne passports. We’re assuming the vaccine is enough to just crack on now…

(They’ll likely change that due to a new variant before the new freedom day though)

America would be split.

Half the country would be right in complaining about their freedoms being stripped away for no reason again… and the other half would be bloodthirsty demanding that anyone not complying be whisked away to an interment camp.


I assume outside of the liberal utopias looked LA and NYC, there will be a lot of resistance.

I just hope that local law makers do what’s right for their municipality. Following suit of bigger cities makes no sense in the suburbs.

But I think people will resist much more this time around.

I’m in Texas. So not worried.


I thought so far the news was that the existing vaccines are very effective against the Delta variant and several others.