How will I convince my.....

I need your help guys.....I need to convince my mother to let me do wrestling. She believes that I'm doing too much already. I do 2 days of NOGI and 1 day of GI class.

This is how my schedule looks like IF I do wrestling with BJJ

Monday: BJJ (NOGI class - 6:30 - 9:00 pm)

Tuesday: Wrestling Class (6:00 - 8:00 pm)

Wednesday: BJJ (NOGI class - 6:30 - 9:00 pm)

Thursday: Wrestling Class (6:00 - 8:00 pm)

Friday: Day off.....maybe go to Open Mat BJJ class (6:30 - 9:00)

Saturday: BJJ (GI class - 11:00 - 12:30)

Sunday: Wrestling Class (10:00 - noon) **Might not be able to go on this day (I got church, unless the guy lets me come in late)

My mother told me that, she's already paying $90 a month for my BJJ...and if I do'll be expensive.

I emailed the guy who teaches at the wrestling club..and I will get the quote on how much it is to train there. (HOPEFULLY it is a drop in fee)

My question to you all is..what's a good way to convince my Mother to allow me to train in Wrestling and at the same time train in BJJ. Also, how much do wrestling club fees usually run at? $20? $30? I don't wanna freakin pay like $90 for wrestling and $90 for BJJ..that would totally destroy my moms credit card. Any suggestions would be good..I really really wanna do wrestling....!

Also, what am I going to expect from my first day of wrestling? I already know my Singles, doubles..what else do I need to know. I know i'm going to have that bad habit of pulling guard all the time. :(

Dood...if your mom can't afford it...why are u bugging? Have sympathy for her.

^ Guess you're right........she works pretty hard...maybe after I do a little more chores, and get a PT job..maybe then should I ask for help..thx HEMAN.....I will think about this.

BTW....what's a good way to re-pay my mother for all she got me this year, she got me a lot of MMA gear..I feel guilty for all of this..

U get a pt job to pay for your own BJJ class. I grew up poor...I never ask my mom for anything. $90 a month goes along way. U got time to train? U got time to work a pt job at the mall. And if she's charging it on her CC it means she doesn't have the CASH to actually pay for it currently. Wanna help out your mom? Get a for your own recreation and stuff.

^ Hmm...I might consider getting a job, im 16....but My resume is gonna suck ass...hopefully I can get a job at KFC or a Golf course...

KFC = $9.00/hr...raise = $11.00+
Golf Course = $10/hr...raise = $12.00+


Wrestling should be FREE at your HS. Does your HS have a wrestling program?

^ no dude.....we don't have HS wrestling team at my school....but, I emailed a variety of people and one person is willing to let me train at his school...for 1 day of the week. I asked my mother and told her that it was one time fee of $100 for the WHOLE YEAR. She said that it was a good deal..but I should do more research..until, I decide which school to go to.

Start doing drugs. She'll be so thrilled you found a hobby to get away from the dope. Trust me, works everytime.


First, HEMAN is dead on. Re-read his answers.


How will you get to these classes?

How long in BJJ?

Any siblings?

How are your grades?

Try to put yourself in her shoes and look at this from her perspective. Sounds like your Mom is on her own? If so, she's already got a full plate just keeping up.

If she's taking you to all these classes - that REALLY cuts into her (off) time. If she's raising a kid(or kids) on her own there is no real off time. There's always something to be, laundry, dishes, mowing, changing oil...the list NEVER ends. Add siblings to this mix and her time becomes exponentially more valuable. That may be a good angle...offer to work it out in trade?

With that schedule I don't see any room for a part time job. Your boss probably wouldn't be very understanding of your schedule. (Have you bumped the BJJ coach on helping with a kids class for a reduced monthly fee? Not unheard of.)

As far as repaying your mother...A sincere THANK YOU is usually more than enough. Really, she (probably) didn't buy these things so you would feel obligated to repay her. She (probably) did it because she loves you and wants to make you happy. Gratitude will go a LONG way.

Taking a longer view...If you're not kicking ass in school, that may be a better way to spend a couple evenings a week. Hopefully, you have decades of BJJ ahead of you. You only have the next couple years to get ready for college and prepare for a career. Some effort now will pay off for the next forty years.

Sorry for the lecture but you did ask on a public forum. I do like your enthusiasm and wish I had that kind of energy.

Good luck with it.


How will you get to these classes? My parents will drop me off I don't have a car

How long in BJJ? I've been doing BJJ for 3.5-4 months

Any siblings? 1 Sibling..he's 24

How are your grades? Decent...C/B+ range.

Thank you for your input...It...made me realize how my Parents, not only my hard just to provide me with all these things. I will try to work hard in school..but BJJ and all these things really distract me. I try to do both..but I will try to focus more on school thank you very much

You're very welcome.

"these things" distract us all. Putting the right things first really sucks sometimes.

Again, good luck to you.

Also, since you didn't mention your father earlier I assumed he was out of the picture. Sorry about that. Never ass-u-me as they say.