How will the Playstation 2 sell?

600 bucks for a system that has ripped off nintendo and microsoft so far. Unless games are $20 each, I don't really see why I should spend the extra money.

HAHA I meant 3... fuck.

As far as I'm concerned it just depends on how their games turn out. The loss of being exclusive to Grand Theft Auto was a big hit; for me there is Metal Gear 4 and Final Fantasy XIII that are left, I'll have to see how those games shape up.

$600 is a lot of money.

I don't know how the rest of you roll...but to me, that simply isn't worth it. Games are great, but not for that price.

I know, I know, you get Blu-ray, but to me, that really isn't a big deal either at this point in time.

For me to buy a PS3, the graphics would have to seriously outclass the 360, or any random must have exclusive would have to come out. Or I would have to have an extra 600 bucks burning a hole in my pocket. Or it would have to be a tuesday, and being the obsessive compulsive gaming freak that I turn into sometimes I'd just pick one up if I saw it.

Yea its all about the quality of games

Also, anybody read about co-op Mercenaries 2?

No company has dominated 3 successive generations in the videogame market. Histoy isn't on Sony's side.

I've been a long time playstation user, but things may change soon...