How will UFC 106 be redeemed?

Not to disrespect Tito and Forrest or the rest of the fighters on the card, but losing Lesnar/Carwin is a gigantic blow. I'm not sure if I'll order it now.

When Serra pulled out of his fight against Hughes at UFC 79, the show was actually significantly upgraded after St. Pierre stepped in.

What are some possible match ups that can take place this close to the event? With less than a month left, is it even possible to get Carwin a new opponent (plus promote it)? Other new match ups?

how about CroCop Vs Big Nog?
- CroCop should get motivated for this fight (which is something i think he's been lacking for most of his UFC fights. motivation. he's being fed (or fed to, depending on perspective) to up and comers for the most part in the UFC. nothing wrong with that, but i think CroCop is in that "Superfight" state of mind.

before signing with the UFC he was fighting Barnett, Wanderlei, Minowa, Yoshida, Hunt and Fedor. all superstars in the japanese market. all superfights.

then the UFC gives him Sanchez (who?), Gonzaga and Kongo? and then Al-Turk and Dos Santos? when each of these guys fought CroCop they were relative unknowns to the average fan and i think CroCop is just an average fan in that sense. lacked motivation for those fights.

so give him Big Nog. that should motivate him

sparkuri -  This card was the UFC's last hope. Strikeforce will buy them out.
FINALLY !  A promoter who'll make Fedor vs. Lesnar happen.

LOL to infinity

sparkuri -  Well, since big nog already beat cro cop, I don't see the point from Noguera's standpoint.

i think Nog would take the fight because he needs another high-profile win to justify a title shot in the fans eyes.

Crocop may not be considered a contender these days but he's definitely high-profile