How would a race war play out in your head

Say something happened major! One town, a powder keg is ignited. 50 black guys kill 100 white people (women and children). White people rally and kill 100 black men and blow up a black school. Black people start rioting in every major city, dragging out white people in liberal states and setting them on fire.

In rural red states, white people gain the upper hand against the blacks and join forces (at least temporarily) with Mexicans. The enemy of my enemy is my friend kind of thing!

Now everyone is going apeshit. White people are taking a scorched earth approach. Black people are killing whites and Mexicans in the streets and giving them the tire treatment (put a tire over their heads and light it on fire).

Liberals try to call for peace and they get the tire treatment too!

Asians, afraid to take any side, form their own militias in Chinatown and Korea towns across America. Armed with illegal AK 47, they are shooting any non Asians on sight.

Domestic terrorists (who have been strategically planning for this for 5 years) organize, mobilize and cut strategic roads of egress the National Guard would use to deploy armed personnel. The war cry is “Taking Back America By Force!”

It’s anarchy for a full 3 days!!! 22,000 dead, 300,000 injured.

“Taking Back America” - 3000 armed to the hilt soldiers advance on Washington DC ghettos! 3000 black men stand in the streets! The president calls for everyone to stop!!

You finish the story!

Bro, a lot of people make statements on here that should not be taken seriously. This is the opposite. Please take this seriously.

Get help. Mental health issues are nothing to fool with.



OP sucks the cocks of all 3000 ghetto blacks and saves the country from slipping deeper into civil war.


lol what if white people wanted to enslave the entire black race it would be over in like 2 weeks, unless the chinese tried to intervene or something but they are basically enslaving and taking africa over as we speak

Any time white people have wanted to smash others, we have.

Nothing has changed.


All the food and necessities to sustain life in our major cities is brought in and dependent on trucks to supply it.


It starts with a list of journalist that are round up and brought to a prison work camp. Then white liberals are systematically executed or sent to re-education camps.

Whites finally start forming militias after getting beaten on for the first month. Then the tide turns and the above happens. Think it can’t happen? Think again.

AK-47’s are not illegal.

But whites would win.

Once white people decided to get serious it would end quickly.


All the soy boy libs would wake up real quick and realize what side the’re really on.

I think a war might be coming, but not a race war. I think the races will continue to agree, much in the mostly productive way we do.

I think some segments will have problems though, and I am expecting gunplay. I’d expect that if the government doesn’t do it’s job, people eventually will.

I just don’t see a race war. Don’t see it happening. I wouldn’t be capable or wanting. Know plenty of others like me. I think the people just want the government to clean up the bullshit, and our corrupt government is fanning the flames right now.

If guns come out, I do not think I would want to be a young urban youth. Because I think the country folk could pick them off from very, very far away. At any time.

Hoping for war within our own boundaries. It’s time, I’m good with the thought of it. Though about it a lot, think it will be the only way we can recover. Blood has to spill, and it hasn’t yet.

Black people are better at playing ball.

Whoever the Mexicans side with will win.

Jinx, I don’t mind the race baiting since it’s your obsession/specialty but let’s leave the ignorant gun talk out.


A ‘race war’ would be compete and utter chaos because a lot of black people and minorities would actually want to fight with the normal American ‘white people’, and a lot of douchey liberal whites would want to fight against them. So just ‘black vs white’ is not at all realistic as far as choosing sides.

Be a hell of a lot of blood and fire just in pure confusion.

Liberals will win, they are already winning. Anytime a white guy defends himself from mobs he’s instantly labeled a racist and no charges are brought against the mobs making the attacks. For over a years people have been being beaten and murdered in the streets at these “protests” with nothing being done.

It wouldn’t.

The numbers aren’t there to start it off.

There won’t be a race war but a culture war will happen. There are plenty of black, Mexican, Asian ect that aren’t on the lunatic left side.

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Get a job sir. Stay busy. Idle hands and such…

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Blah blah blah 11% blah blah blah Mexicans are white now blah blah blah welfare being canceled blah blah blah

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