How would a race war play out in your head

That’s called tolerance. Like letting a drunk bitch throw a tantrum, tearing up the house and throwing ineffective slaps at you because you don’t want a DV charge.

Suck my cracker dick, OP.

Mexicans are considered white, so there’s the answer.

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The Whites need only send one guy.

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The real winners would be the fans

And the Asians would be on team white.

Personally, I head for the family home where I grew up in a rural area with an almost non existent minority population and abundant resources. Fortify the farm. Protect my parents and family in the extraordinarily unlikely event trouble shows up at my door. I want zero part of a race war, but if I’m forced to participate, well, I really hate to lose.

There are now youtube ads targeting asians “AAPI” peoples stating “You have been oppressed, interned, discrimated against…” and the ad all but tells them that white people are their enemy.

He’s a troll, look at his join date. Some bullshit.

More race baiting bullshit by OP… shocking.

If only we were allowed to ban trolls…

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