How would Askren fare in the UFC?

Lobo8 - Ww has a bunch of killers and good wrestlers/counter wrestlers. He can win against the lower top 10. The top 5 obliterate him

This. If he wants to be UFC champ, he needs to really step up the rest of his game.

Well, since there is that new technique going around called sidestep I personally thing he well get out-sidestepped into decisions.

Georges St-Pierre would out wrestle and jab him for 25 minutes

Johny Hendricks would defend the takedown and ko him.

Carlos Condit would submit him off his back or catch him coming in

Martin Kampmann would probably get out wrestled.

Rory MacDonald picks him apart everywhere it goes.

Jake Ellenberger would be a good match. I can see a close decision.

Demian Maia will sweep Ben and get the submission

Robbie Lawler could tko him in the first but been has a chance by decision.

Nick Diaz would submit him off his back. Phone Post

MuchRespec' - IMO Big Rig can out-wrestle Funky and hits a helluva lot harder too. I think Ben would do really well and control a lot of the top fighters. I just don't think that list includes Hendricks or GSP. But I think he'd fare really well and get hated on even more than he already does -lol.

Big Rig couldn't even keep Condit down. Phone Post