How would Chael do vs jones?

I'm sure this has been posted but I'm on iPhone and can't search. I figured it was an appropriate question to bring up tonight and I'm curious what some of you think. Granted its not happening any time soon and there's obvious glaring advantages for jones but seems like it make for an interesting discussion. Phone Post

Not well. Phone Post

they'd have to bring a body bag for Chael.

Chael wins in under 5 mins.

Bones subs Chael in the 1st round

Why not ask how he would do in his own division like against say Rashad.

crazydave - Chael wins in under 5 mins.

Bold but i like it.

Bones via triangle choke round 1 Phone Post

 he's a .500 fighter in his own division muscling guys, lhw 's would ravage him especially Jones.

He'd talk Jones to a living death

Fraser_Finlay - Bones via triangle choke round 1 Phone Post

Or some other choke variation.

Jones via any sub he wants or tko first round, like sonnen can move up and beat jones haha Phone Post

Anyone still entertaining the possibility of Sonnen doing anything other than getting his ass kicked in under 2 minutes is a moron. Jones is known for destroying wrestlers, will never get tagged on the inside by anyone who isn't a fast and accurate striker and has amazing chokes (Sonnen's weakness). He's also great at the lateral drop (move Maia used to destroy Chael).

He's TAILOR MADE to destroy Chael. He's an EVEN WORSE matchup for Sonnen than Maia (Sonnen could possibly outpoint Maia on the feet).

There should be a sticky that threatens a ban for making this thread. JONES IS NOT A LHW ANDERSON SILVA.

 Jones is sooooooooooo much bigger

chael would get destroyed, lets be honest.

I would live to see who the ug would support in this fight lol Phone Post