How would Colby do at 155?

I think Usman beats him, when that happens it leaves Colby in a tough situation because he would have lost to the champ 2x, but be the clear number 2 ahead of the rest of the pack. He’s also tiny for 170 and Im sure can make 155 without a problem. If he decided to go that route, how do you think he would fair?

He wrestled at 171 in HS and 165 in college. I wouldn’t say he could make 155 easily, if at all.

What does he walk around at?

Regardless, If he could make 155 and do the weight cuts smart and in a healthy fashion, the belt is his for the taking

I know 7 days out from his fight he was 181. He claims the BIGGEST he gets is 185. So I can’t imagine hes much bigger than say Khabib or Chandler

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Conor vs Colby at 155 - two heels. amazing.


He stays pretty lean in between fights though, where as Khabib balloons up with hamburgers. Colbys a big guy, he’s not making 155

No, he isn’t beating Oliveira … Makachev would give him an interesting matchup as well

He is a big dude. He would look like TJ when he tried going to 125

Interesting, he said he can make it

He says a lot of things. Apparently, Poirier’s kid is actually his if we’re going by his words.

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Looks like he barely cuts fpr 170, but like someone said his 185 isnt some big fat 185, dude stays lean.
I think with his skillset he could beat anyone down there, but Oliveira and maybe Chandler would be risky.

Won’t matter when he takes out Marty

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The trash talk and build up would fukin awesome lol.

He’s beatin Juiceman anyway.