how would cung do in a rock fight?

He looks like he would have a good arm but what about his aim. And are his hands big enough to accurately luanch the big stones to make a bigger impact on his opponent?

18 year old Artie beat him already in a stick fight, but then Artie got beat by Alice in a sewing contest, so clearly, Cung sucks....

do you think he would have beaten artie had hair pull and noogy's were aloud?

you see, that's exactly the problem, Cung only fights with no hair pulls, and did I mention that susie has a mean noogy?

it's up to the promoters...

I know for a fact i can beat him in tequila shots!
I've already got 3 Ko's Cali.,Vegas,Italy where the hells my Belt? Bob Sapp is next on my list if the $$$ right!
Scott Sheeley

How about Killians? I'll take him on in drinking that!

What about tiddly winks? Could you beat Cung Le in tiddly winks?

do not, I repeat do NOT, challenge Mr Sheeley where tequila is concerned, you WILL lose, badly :)

speaking of which happy Cinco De Mayo!

tidly winks was the bomb. I here cung is nasty at connect four.

Adamcannon has clearly not experienced one of Suzie's noogies.

fos's school for beginner trolling proudly welcomes adamcannon, while Mr Cannon is not one of our premier students, we encourage even the "special" students who ride on the short bus to the institute to at least try and troll, even when they are unsuccessful

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I can play slide guitar better than Cung Le.