how would diego vs karo go?

they both hold a win over one of my favs, nick diaz.

i hate to admit this but diego looked like he had an easier time with diaz. (grease?)

karo got a split dec which i thought nick won.

This would be a great fight. I think it would be a ground battle with a couple of early sub attempts from Karo but with Diego escaping everytime(and not because of grease, lol). It will be a close fight, very back and forth, but eventually Diego will do what he has done in all his other fights, ground n' pound Karo til he gets a stoppage or a sub. I'd call it 3rd round TKO- strikes

so you think diego is champ material?

Karo by O Soto anthing he wants.

wthell is o soto?

judo stuff?

Diego has alot of potential. A few more years. He needs to improve his striking game. Deffinately future contender material. My 2cents

Yes. Judo stuff.

I think he is champ material, maybe not right now but eventually yes. And at some point in time he will have to fight Karo.

I think it kind of depends on who has the better wrestling. I don't think either of them will have a big advantage with striking or juijitsu, and whoever ends up on the top on the ground will pound the other, IMHO.


Karo by whatever the UG asks him to do.

thx dougie!

No problemo Mike!

Dougie "Kesa Gatame"


Karo handled Serra on the ground and Diego handled Diaz on the ground.

Tough call on this one. I think Karo wins though. It would be a great fight for sure though and I hope it happens.

Diego is too strong in my opinion for Karo but it would be a great fight and very close to call

IMO Karo would throw Diego do many times he would be sick to his stomach. I don't think Diego would be able to take Karo down like he did Diaz.

Karo 2nd round submission.

Reason being both know the others submission game is sick so they want to prove each is better.

I see a complex submission, omoplata possibly

Karo would probly pull this one out.

Diego has never fought someone with good takedown defense, I would say that Karo is not the easiest guy in the world to take down.

Karo also has an obvious advantage in the standup dept.

Karo by TKO

I used to hate Diego but he's won me over a bit. After watching TUF again I liked the way he conducted himself (except for the asparagus/jacuzzi incident, and his "this is my destiny talk"). The fact is he avoided all the drama of the house and fought anybody he had to. He had the easy road to the finals, not having to fight Chris or Nate, but I'm sure he'd fight them no problem if given the chance.

He also did dominate Diaz and was respectful to Diaz before and after despite the trash talking. So even though I think Karo is a bad matchup for him, I can't bet against Diego. Plus I'd like to hear Karo make more excuses when he loses.

goku is most likeky correct