How would Israel Adesanya vs Ciryl Gane go?

Ciryl is my favorite HW so I’ll choose him. Izzy had ambitions to fight Stipe so he has thought about heavyweight before. This is one of my favorite hypothetical matchups

Omg Izzy would be murdered. Completely outsized and outmatched


It would be the flatlining that that prick Marc Goddard denied us.


Gane would beat the fuck out of him.

That’s the point. Jk I think it would be a pretty fight, a lot of technique on display

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Izzy, easy, he will tire him out about in third or fourth round, no referee this time needed ofc

Lol @ people in this thread acting like this is a total mismatch just because the size difference when Izzy is a 6’4" kickboxing HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION. But you same idiots (Vegito) will say 1900’s heavyweight boxers who are smaller than Izzy would beat Tyson Fury lol

This actually would be an interesting match up. I say Izzy has the edge on the feet but Ciryl could probably take it if he utilizes his wrestling.

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This reminds me of when someone asked O’Malley how it would go if he faced Izzy.

Izzy could come in at 220 lbs with minimal bulking, Ciryl came in at 247 lbs in his last fight against Tuivasa. The size discrepancy isn’t comparable to a BW fighting a MW since this is normal at HW