How would Jordan Burroughs do in MMA.

Burroughs wrestling is incredible especially his double leg. This man is a great athlete and is both mentally/physically tough. If he would go to a high level camp and work on his striking specifically 4 the next 2-3 years I truly think he would be a force in the LW division possibly a future UFC champ. Phone Post

He is becoming an mma fighter soon per Daniel Cormier interview pre-Barnett fight. Phone Post

 Right now he would get mopped up at the Strikeforce or Bellator level.Choked out in the first round.

I really hope he does the right thing and focuses on getting that gold again in 4 years.

voorhees - I really hope he does the right thing and focuses on getting that gold again in 4 years.

Why is that doing the right thing? So if he went into mma now that wouldnt be doing the right thing?

its up to him, if he wants to go for gold again thats his choice and if he wants to enter into mma now and forget another gold medal thats also his choice.

Dont see how doing one or the other is doing the right thing.

He already achieved everything in wrestling.

But, i think that he has really good opportunities to make money so he will probably stick to wrestling for another year or two and if he won't be dominant as he is now, he will go to MMA before Rio games.

He's starting with a great base.

StretchPlum - He's starting with a great base.

  This.  It would be interesting to know how much he cuts currently.  If it's a lot, he could make the move when he's ready to 170.

 I'd love to see him at 170 in 2017.  As far as who's there right now, Burroughs would beat them all.  Just a level above athlete who is the very best in the world at the very best base for MMA.  

Jordan Burroughs will do well in whatever he chooses to pursue.