how would kenflo do w/o elbows?

if elbows were banned, how would florian do? just wondering some of your thoughts and maybe he could even shed some light on the subject. im not bashing anyone by the way.

He's 4-3 with them, so probably not too good.

I like Florian, by the way.

that record's as misleading as randy's. even worse in some ways, as he was originally fighitng guys that walk around in the 190's while he was probably eating mashed potatoes and buckets of lard to hit the 170's.

Some fighters, like Kenny or Randy, start their careers immediately fighting high caliber competition and do not start off with that initial 11-1 record (or whatever), so they will not ever have a huge winning percentage. --Other than the Leben fight, I think it's almost certain that Kenny's fights would have ALL had the same outcome without elbows. He never even threw them in his Stout and Cope victories.

Also, Sherk threw about 10 times as many elbows at Kenny's head than Kenny threw in their fight.

Ask Stout and Cope.

"He never even threw them in his Stout and Cope victories."

That makes Kenny smart, he took two guys to the ground that had superior stand up to him and he knew it. No shame there.

The funny thing is that Kenny is 4-3 lifetime and 2 of those fights happened outside the UFC. So, I would say he'd be sporting a .500 record without the elbows.

good points on both sides.

He's only stopped two fights with elbows. One he was clearly losing, one he was clearly winning. And the one he was losing doesn't even count on his professional record. So it's not a huge deal.

^^ yeah but the Sherk elbow could have stopped a fight when Florian was clearly losing that fight.

Luckily we had a good ref who allowed it to keep going despite the blood.

refs don't stop fights for cuts- the ringside physician does.

dude, it's mma. you throw everything you have at your opponent and hope something sticks. if it's an elbow, great, if it's a gogplata, whatever...