How would Kerr do nowadays?

How do you think Mark Kerr would do nowadays in MMA, if he were to train for it seriously? According to some other thread, Kerr is not that bad at submissions and submission defenses, which is often wrestlers' biggest weakness. I must admit that I wasn't really aware of that. He is obviously very good at takedowns and control. He's older and I don't know about his mental state and all that. Any opinions?

Not good.

He was an absolute shadow of his former self in the Yamamoto fight several months back. Granted, it was a very fluky loss, but he just did not look nearly as quick or sure of himself even before the freak KO. Plus, he's lost a great deal of size, and that was always one of his main advantages in the ring.

if he got back with his original trainers (Bas Rutten, Marcus Vinicius, Darrell Gholar, Ricco Rodriguez) I think he would be UFC champ.

However, I don't think he would do all that great in Pride. He may be able to take Fedor and Mino down, but he certainly isn't gonna be able to finish either.

But let's be real. Mark is finished.

So what IS Mark Kerr doing these days??

not sure what he is doing these days.

but he's definitely someone that could be an incredible teacher in both wrestling and MMA.

ttt for an answer to cubancripplers question.

Mark Kerr dominated Abu Dhabi like no other. Noone came close to subbing him and he subbed a number of people. Kerr's kimura is sweet by any standard. And his stand-up was not that bad. He had more power in his strikes than Coleman ever did. That said, these days he doesn't look anything like the Kerr of old. He looks like he's lost the will to compete.

For some reason, noone managed to stay at the top of MMA for more than four or five years. I don't think Kerr is atypical in that sense. The other contenders of his generation (Vovchanchyn and Coleman) haven't been doing very well lately either.

ttt for Mark, hope he is doing something productive.

I thought someone said he was opening and/or running his own MMA school in Arizona.

Personal training from what Ive heard. It seems like his generation of fighters(Gen 2 I guess) couldnt stay on top for very long because the second you slip up or have personal problems, some new comes along and kicks your ass.

double post, how dare I.

id ask him but he is passed out on the couch right now.....

Kerr is too skinny to fight anymore.

and your BJJ demigods are not ;) ? kerr was an awesome wrestler with great GNP who clearly had the potential to learn submissions and if he'd had his head "on straight" he would have been fedor-esque... well, actually he was for a while there.

and prik khee noo is right RE: his Abu dhabi credentials.

"According to some other thread, Kerr is not that bad at submissions and submission defenses" ...funny. Prik is correct, if ADCC is any measure, Kerr is without question the greatest submission grappler ever. No question he seems past his peak thou.

I think Arona may be eqaul or better accomplishment wise, plus his win over Kerr counts whether Kerr was in fighting shape or not. But as far as Heavyweights go, definetly Kerr.