How would Minotauro do in Pan Ams?

How do you all think he would do in the absolute? Also, any more results? Was that a picture of Rodrigo Mederios having his arm raised against Renner? What exactly happened with Mike Fowler? Thanks

his sport bjj was never that great i was lead to beleive. i have his fight in the mudials 1999. also i doubt he spends too much time with the gi anymore in comparison to the top guys who have it on everyday

Didn't he win the Mundials as a brown?


He won the pan ams as a brown belt, his weight and the absolute.
I think Rener lost to eduardo telles.

In my opinion (which doesn't mean much, except to me)
Minotauro is currently the BEST at adapting BJJ to MMA. He is true modern warrior that is training in all disciplines that uses them all well to bring his opponent into his strength, which is BJJ.

A great, great fighter.


Yup, his MMA BJJ is the best.
He would not be able to beat Pe or Roger (or prob Ryron, Jacare or Terere) at Sport BJJ

I am going to say, Hermes Franca, BJ Penn or Matt Serra have the best BJJ for MMA or Self defense.


Don't impart your views of BJJ onto Minotauro. I'd rather listen to his views from his own mouth. Speaking of which, I've asked him personally which he would prefer to do professionally BJJ or nhb. His response was he would rather fight BJJ professionally, but the money just isn't there.

Its funny how most people are so high and mighty on no gi when, in fact, real life is like with the gi 99% of the time!