How would Rodrigo Gracie do in UFC

He's 5 and 0 with 4 of his fights being in pride. He seems pretty dam good to me. How do you guys think he would match up against guys in the UFC? Against guys like Lindland, Baroni, Tanner, Murray, etc.

Why do you think he'd lose in majority decisions?

lol, because boxing judges don't give you a decesion unless you hit the guy a lot, or just be on top. Forget about nearly submitting someone that really doesn't count for shit in Las Vegas. It only counts in Japan apparently.

Well since he is doing very well in Pride, which has better fighters, he would own his weight class in the UFC. Unfortunately, the UFC judges would vote against him because the UFC is a joke.

I would love to see it happen. At 170, you'd be hard pressed to find someone to beat him in the UFC.

Although I don't think it will ever happen b/c from his own mouth he has turned down 50K to fight in the UFC b/c he makes triple that overseas.

I'd like to see him fight Linland.

MOst of his fights have been at 176 so I think he'd be at WW int he UFC. He's siad he would fight at 170 int eh UFC if they wnated to sign him. I guess they didn't. He would do real well. He's beat Sakurai and Takase, both are real solid fihgters if not top 10 then defiantly top 15 fihgters.

Not only is he very talented, the guy is cool as hell and likeable. I would buy any event he was fighting on....

what about him and Hughes? or Sherk?

He would tie Hughes into a f-cking KNOT.

Rodrigo Gracie is a very dangerous man and a nice guy. IMHO, He would be the UFC champ, you don't need judges if your opponent's are tapping.

Gary Hughes

Remember how Busta did in the UFC? It would be similar.

He'd do very well if Dana White wasn't an idiot. Rodrigo said he wanted to fight in hte UFC and Dana said he's never heard of him. Dana again showing his professionalism.

What impresses me with Rodrigo is not only is awesome BJJ skills, but he can throw some heavy hands. I think by the end of his career he might have potential to be the greatest Gracie yet. I think he's still pretty young. Anybody know how old he is?