How would Sherk do in ADCC?

He would be in Marcello's division, no? Would he make it to the finals and meet Marcello? That would be amazing.

ok sherk is awesome and his pressure and gas is ridiculous but he would get embarassed in adcc, its a different game and a different type of grappling. If he would have trained specifically for sub grappling his whole life he would be a beast but he didnt. id still like to see him compete in some good grappling matches though but i dont seed the point hes gona be ritch now

Tell that to Mark Kerr

see jeff monson, whos pretty much a bigger version of sherk in general minus the insane cardio.

"Now that I think about it we would probably see more neck cranks and can openers than ever before in ADCC."

Except for the fact that they're not allowed.

"Kerr's performances ADCC were worse than anything Sherk has ever done."

Kerr submitted Barnett and Sperry admitted he was out briefly from the guillotine. Not too shabby.

Can opener is not allowed. Tito tried one on Arona and the ref told him it's illegal.

The twister is also illegal.

"Sperry admitted he was out briefly from the guillotine. Not too shabby."

Yeah but YF likes to deny things on occasion so he can sleep in his bjj pajamas a little bit better at night. I mentioned this before and he couldnt accept it.

he just did, reasonmethis = yf.

"Kerr was good at tapping catch wrestling wannabes, and outwrestling other HW wrestlers."

Which one was Sperry, douche? Or Rigan Machado? Ricco? Vieira? Almeida? Alvarez? Barreto? Do you even think before spewing this kind of bullshit?

Back on topic: the Arona comparison was valid. I think Sherk could do well, and I'd rather watch him in adcc than EVER have to see him "fight" again.

Sherk would do fine as he wouldn't need to change his game from MMA a whole lot. His GnP is not effective so that wouldn't be missed and most matches in ADCC are won on points so suits him fine.

I think Sean would do very well in ADCC, in the Monson style. I don't see him beating Marcelo, although currently I don't see anyone in that weight division beating Marcelo so that's not saying much. I can see Sean doing very well though, and it would add to his prestige overall if he did.

charles lewis is spot on

Keep in mind that if Sherk was an ADCC fighter he wouldn't have to train boxing/kickboxing anymore and would be free to train BJJ and Wrestling more.

Considering how crazy he trains he'd adjust what he was doing to be more suited for sub other words he'd probably be a bettter grappler then he is now...which is kinda be honest I can see him hanging in there against anybody in his weight class...(granted he did almost get guillotined like three times by franca in a purely MMA match)

I'd still pick Marcello to win though...he's the man...

Of course Sherk would do fantastically.

He can take anyone down, has amazing top game guard passing, is near impossible to submit... I'd say he'd give anyone not named Marcello a lesson.

Sherk could also be at the top of the 65kg weight class if he really wanted to.

"Sherk could also be at the top of the 65kg weight class if he really wanted to."

DOUBT IT! Sherk would not cut that much weight for this, be real thats 143 lbs.

I don't see Fowler tapping Sherk, nor Renzo, I'd put those two as the most likely in that division besides Marcello. Jake Shields or Diego would do decent against him. The rest he would just tear through.

One thing Sherk does better than Kerr or Monson is positioning. They were both very comfy hanging out in guard for long periods of time. Sherk's really good at passing and scoring points in transition. He might not submit anyone, but I can see him winning by large numbers of points rather than playing for 2-0.
I bet he'd do wonderfully, but what's the prize? I'm not being an ass, I really don't know. Can he make even 1/2 what he does with the UFC? I know some guys do it "on the side" but would it even be worth the training?

Where is Yf to back up his asinine comments? Must be trolling a catchwrestling thread somewhere...

"Look, squeezing a much smaller opponent's head while in his half-guard with your roided arms, until he sees stars is not some technically brilliant maneuver. It's noob grappling 101. Are we counting uncomfortable positions as submission victories now?"

this happened to me the other day, very lame.