How would you beat Diego ?

So far I believe he is the best 185 pounder on TUF. The rest of the 185'ers don't pose any danger to him as he is really good at closing the distance and taking them to the ground.

So, What do you think his weakness is ? Apart from trying to time that perfect knock-out punch (which I think is very hard to do against somebosy like Diego).

My opinion is that the only chance for a striker agains him is to keep the distance and kick his legs until he can't stand on them anymore. Any attempt to close the distance will resault in a take down followed by control, punches and submission.

So nobody knows ?

With a hammer

with an algebra problem

spinning TKD kick.

i reckon a good chuck style sprawl and brawler could get him.or a tito style g+p in his guard

hit him with asparagus

sprawl and brawl

With a leather belt and coco butter....oh wait thats jessica simpson

Jason Thacker is the best example of why some of the TUF fighters arent some of the best out there.

It's not like Diego is clueless standing; the KotC fight I saw of his has him brutalizing the guy with knees to the body in the clinch before finally bringing him down and pounding him out.

With a flurry of windmill punches. LMAO.

Avoid the takedown. Get up if taken down. Punch him in the face.


kenflo could sub him

Chris - I was just about to post that.

You guys are forgetting about Kenny's sub skills. Also, when you aren't worried about being taken down, you can loosen up and do more damage standing, which Kenny could do to Diego.

Koscheck could beat Diego by controlling from the top position.

I doubt Diego could get a takedown or a reversal on JK.

Damn, why does everybody forget about Kenny? I don't see koscheck as a threat to anyone but Leben.

I think Diego has been sniffing to much of Koschecks hair dye fumes

not only did the guys he fought have no ground game but cant sprawl worth shit. SPRAWL AND BRAWL beats his ass evertime.

cause kenflo looks like a sniveling little weasel... he might have sub skills but Diego has size and power on that weasel.

his comments to Josh Raferty had him wondering whether he was better than Diego himself...

Diego can't stand up too long, remember the mri he had on his hip before he beat alex k...