How would you build a team 4 kobe?

in light of what is happening to the lakers with shaq and malone out, it is apparent that kobe cannot win alone. if you were to make a team with kobe as your focal point, how would you do it. who would be your starters. and try to keep the salary cap in mind please. no all star teams.

But without those guys he has very little. Remember Jordan had Bill Cartwright, Horace Grant, Will Purdue and Luc Longly as big men over the years. All off them produces and played their role very very well. Kobe doesn't have anyone like them right now.

Kobe would need some good players around him, not great just ones that can produce. Jordan always had that, he never had the great players but players that knew their role, could fulfill the role and not ask for anything

sj, i know that but since kobe is considering leaving, i want to hear what kind of team should be built around him. given that he is considering memphis and the clippers and the knicks, from what i hear.

first he needs some big men to get him the rebounds, then you need to surround him with shhoters because on a team that is his he will be free to create and he will draw so much attention that he will need guys that can stroke it from the outside when he kicks it out.

You don't necessarly need a scoring center but you need some big guys that can at least controll the paint on the D end and controll the glass

PG - Nick Van Exel

SG - Kobe Bryant

SF - Predrag Stajakivic (sp?)

PF - Danny Fortson

C - Rasho Nestorivic

That would be my team built around Kobe. Nick and Peja are outside threats while Fortson could be a monster on rebounds (when healthy).

LOL @ Slick

what teams of those that have a chance at getting him do you guys think he would fit best with? Also, what type of offense would you guys run with him?

I think Kobe fits very well with Memphis.

memphis does not have the muscle to really support kobe.

He would be best off with spot-up shooters on the wings. Defenses collapse when he drives, and his options now to kick out to are Gary Payton (streaky), Devean George (streaky), Derek Fisher (not a lot of PT).

In the post, I would go with 3 cheap stiffs, ala the Bulls with Wennington, Cartwright, and Longley.

That's a pretty nice team MisterDog!!

1. A real point guard.

2. A slasher swingman.

3. A bigman that can defend, rebound and run the floor (or two of the three)

4. Instant offense off the bench.

Fill in the rest of the roster spots with guys that know their roles and are comfortable with them. That's basically what you need to build a team around Kobe. We're not climbing Everest here. Phoenix and New Jersey are the best examples; Kobe would be a magnificent fit for teams with such a makeup.

As much as it would be cool to see Kobe in Memphis, he won't come...

Memphis has got a strong bench and they go 9-10 deep...
but they don't necessarily fit the whole shooter/ big guy model that was mentioned though West/ Brown has helped bring about some trade bait...

Kobe would be what Memphis could need in terms of attendance spark and star power, if his rape trial thing doesn't hold up....

He would be awesome with the WIZARDs. Ethan Thomas can rebound. happen to him? Kwame...well...he has his moments.

i think kobe would do well in miami. get rid of eddie jones, run butler at the 3 and wade at the 1. fill in the 4 and 5 spots with any goons you can get. though having lamar odom there could be a problem.

I don't know where Kobe will end up, but I'll bet any of you $1000 it won't be Denver.

Jacob - Agreed. The irony is Denver may be the best oncourt fit of all (I think Nene will become a player), and has the most salary-cap room to sign Kobe.

ptm's team is scary. But with a salary cap, it would never evolve.

Hello Phx. Although the Clippers, suprisingly, seem like they would be a good fit.

Phill Jackson as coach first of all.

He could build a team around Kobe. He won in Chicago without a dominant center, he could do it with Kobe.