how would you deal with this?

A buddy of mine told me this story that happened at his work place a couple of weeks back. Just wondering how you'd handle this situation if confronted with it. This is a bit long but worth the read. My friend told me some guy the size of Shaq walked into the office where he works in a state of rage. Apparently some investment of his didn't work out too well. He comes to the front desk and demands to see the President of the branch. The receptionist is a little, small framed lady in her early 20's and just did her job by telling the guy that he has to make an appointment ahead of time and can't just walk and expect to see him. The guy was livid and started yelling at the top of his lungs and ordered her to go in the office and tell him to come out "RIGHT NOW." The receptionist was terrified and went in the office to get help or direction on how to proceed. Apparently, she got sent back out to reiterate her first answer to him. The guy went bolistic and started screaming again. At this point, a secretary who is an older lady comes out to tell him that he has to calm down. This guy responds by punching this lady in the face and knocking her out. He then did the same thing to the receptionist and roughed her up in addition to punching her. I guess the President comes out when her hears what's going on. The guy just grabbed him and pounded the crap out of him. Some older employee saw him getting beat and tried to stop him by putting a head lock on him. He also got a bad beating too. When the guy was finished, he left and entered the elevator. People assumed he was gone and were trying to attend the 4 people he attacked. The guy comes back a minute later and grabs the President from the floor while semi-concious and proceeds to beat on him again. He eventually leaves and gets arrested on the ground floor of the building after all of the damage is done. My friend told me that he was out of the office that day but apparently while this was happening, there were quite a few young guys in the office who were aware that this guy had attacked the women and just stayed out of it. They just hid from it in the safety of the office. Just wondering how some of you would handle this situation. Bear in mind the guy is the size of Shaq and is on a warpath. He was probably much stronger in that state of mind than normal. Discuss.

Let's see, he beat up a small framed lady, an elderly woman, an elderly man and the President of this company. Since many people can do that, it's hard to say how tough this guy is. But usually these idiots aren't that tough.

You kinda said that the guys in the office did the wrong thing by not stopping this guy. Maybe they did, maybe they didn't. But hey, the world isn't a perfect place. I am sure everyone would love to think that they would jump right in their and put the guy on his ass, like some perfect movie. However in real life, it is a little different. I can't say for sure what i would have done, i have never been in the situation. Shaq is a big guy, i am a little guy, compared to him anyway. I honestly think that i wouldn't have done nothing but at the same time i wouldn't have attacked him, i would try to stop the situation. How? Who knows, i wasn't there.

Has anyone actually been in this situation, i would be curious to hear what you did.

Unit91, my point exactly. You would have likely done something to try to stop him. I'm not saying you or anybody would save the day but you would have at least gone down trying if not successful. If it was your mother or sister attacked by that lunatic, you might think differently about the lack of action of the men in the office. Thanks for your response though. BTW, I'm not a big guy either.

I see no problem using some sort of improvised weapon on a scumbag that suckerpunches a woman like that. Had to be something laying around.

If it was my mother or sister, to me that is a slightly different line, i would have grabbed the nearest object to me, and try to do some damage with it, i hope it would be something hard like a bat or something cause i don't think a pillow would have the desired effect.

I would have definitely been verbal and probably try to put myself in between him and who he was attacking, but not in a threatening manner, i would just be there to try to make him calm down, but if he goes for me i would only be left with the option of trying to hurt the guy, and i think probably unsuccessfully.

I'd have hidden and called 911 from under my desk and tried not to soil myself!

This country is turning into such a bunch pansies. Someday all of our women will be wearing burkas, there will be no beer, no pork ribs, and Hajis will be patrolling the streets with AK-47's.

I hope I'm never on a hijacked airliner with any of you.

He would be getting a flying lesson from whatever floor that occured on.

The coroner would be baffled as to the cause of death.

1. the phone cord wrapped around his neck.

2. the five in one fax machine wrapped around his head.

3. the dive he took out of the window onto the presidents vip parking spot.

The security tapes would suddenly become missing, and my story would have been the same as falconeddie's.

I don't think everyone on this forum is a pussy, I think there are a lot of PC people on here that havn't been in a jacked up situation yet.

In the middle of a situation similar to this, I would think that idealism would get replaced with realism, they would saddle up and take care of business like a man, regardless of how much brain washing mtv and the liberal media has thrown their way.

The whole "not my problem" and " I could get........." is some of the root problems of our society.

With 100,000 lawyers graduating every year, it's not getting any better, I understand this.

At the same time, you have to reach down and grab them from time to time to make sure they are still there. is my take:

If I saw him in the process of beating up a woman and anyone else who was defenseless, I would have grabbed the heaviest object I could find and bashed his head in. If I got to the scene just after the attack and he was walking away, I wouldnt do anything but make sure the police were called.

Absolute Jiu Jitsu:

I am a lawyer, and here is what I would have done:

I would have fought him with any means necessary. Heavy objects, knee stomps, chair throws, ink pen jabs to the ribs, even an envelope opener to the nuts!

Check the law in your state, but you are allowed to respond to the attack of another with reasonable force in kind. If a man is a giant and has rendered 4 humans incapable of defending themselves, a strong arguement could be made for responding with more than one's fists.

I don't think you would find a prosecutor anywhere who would go forward with charges if you incapacitated an MF'er like this! Now, throwing him out a window is going to be harder to justify because at some point you have taken control of the situation and abused it.

I think clocking him in the temple with a stapler would be a great idea.


sswturtle, interesting take on it from a lawyer's perspective. This incident happened in Edmonton, Alberta. It would be interesting to see how the law would apply in that scenario in Canada.

Double leg to mount and elbow to the face. Followed by grabbing of any heavy object and smashing into his face. After he was KOd we would take turns pissing on his face.

If this was a bank, where were the security guards?

It wasn't a bank. It was an insurance company that also is a financial institution. It has the typical office building type of set up.

I understand your perspective.

With the McDonalds lawsuit etc.

When someone breaks into your home with intent
to steal and falls and breaks their arm and get's
a settlement..........that is just wrong.

In Japan there is 100 engineers to one lawyer, it's the opposite here.

The guy's that can't get into a real law firm make commercials encouraging you to sue your employer for no real reason and so on.

To me it doesn't really matter what the law is, because a kick ass court room lawyer can twist a story around so that the jury goes against you no matter how justified you thought you were.

Don't take me wrong, I don't hate lawyers, some of my business partners are very good lawyers.

I'm just sick of shit bags getting away with murder while innocent bystanders and men and women of honor who try to defend their friends and family get bent.

I'm sure the good guy wins more, but all you ever hear about in the news is the bad guys getting off.

I have two friend in law enforcement, one here, one in the U.K. Both have the highest arrest rate for their area. The guy in the U.K. saw only one person he arrested go to prison, the one here in the U.S. saw no one go to prison.

Yet one of the hardest working people I know got put in jail for 30 day's for driving with a suspended licence. He didn't even know his licence was suspended.

After 22 day's in jail they realized it was a mix up with his brother's licence who lives a state away that he has never even met. Didn't even get an apology, and still had to pay the court fees.

This shit just doesn't make sense to me.

Carry a pair of gloves, a balacava, and alway's get the security footage ;-)

Oh, and by the way, the five in one fax machine got wrapped around his head..........after he was thrown out of the window.

Screw the self defense, aiding my co-workers defense.
Shit bags like that are a menace to society.

The more stories of them getting absolutely trashed by the common citizen will make them think twice about attacking regular sheeple.

From my understanding assault on that level(US Law) is a felony and any private citizen can make a citizens arrest if they see it. That of course would mean fighting the guy above and finding a way of detaining him till the police got their. You are not required though but you have the ability to do that as long as you see it happening.

Anyone here read Cialdini's "Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion"? It talks about some of the dynamics of group behavior that might help explain people's failure to assist in situations like this, although in this case it sounds like the possibility of getting beaten senseless probably played a role, too. Highly recommend it if you haven't read it.